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Vape Products

MÜV Vape Products offer patients a robust array of lines and strains to best customize their treatment plans. Vapes offer an immediate onset of effects and are beneficial for a wide range of medicinal needs.

MÜV All-in-One Disposable Vape strains rotate as we harvest from the MÜV Grow. Strain-specific extract, including the strain's cannabis-derived terpenes, is combined with MÜV potent distillate for a true-to-flower vape experience.

MÜV Plus is the patient-favorite All-in-One formulation housed in a 500 mg net weight cartridge. The result is a diverse variety of strains for patients. MÜV Plus cartridges are compatible with MÜV 510 Thread Battery.  

MÜV Püre Vape Cartridges are a potent distillate with cannabis-derived and botanical terpenes. The strains are offered in consistent Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and High CBD strains, with cartridges compatible with MÜV 510 Thread Battery.

MÜV x G Pen GIO is an easy-to-use pod-based system, compatible only with the GIO Battery. MÜV potent distillate is combined with cannabis-derived and botanical terpenes to provide consistent Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains.

MÜV Flower Cups were designed for pure flower vaping, offering patients the synergistic benefits of cannabis without combustion.

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