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MÜV Dart Pod Cannabis Cartridge

The Dart is the first pod-based system from industry leader CCELL®. The vape was developed to provide robust, smooth hits with every draw thanks to its advanced circuit board and revolutionary ceramic wick.

Dart Pods contain premium distillate and a host of all-natural and cannabis terpenes for strain-specific effects. There are no buttons on the Dart device, simply snap the pod into the battery using the magnetic connection and inhale to begin dosing. Pods are color-coded to match the strain varieties, with Yellow=Sativa, Blue=Indica, Green=Hybrid and Clear=1:1 THC/CBD.

  • Tropicana Cookies is a sativa strain that is said to provide uplifting, happy effects. The strain is incredibly sweet on the inhale, reminiscent of citrus, and gassy on exhale.
  • Super Silver Haze is a sativa strain said to provide uplifting and cerebral effects. Patients can expect notes of citrus, pine, and earth from the strain.
  • Northern Lights is an indica strain with reported euphoria at the onset of effects, fading to a soft, relaxing cerebral experience. The strong taste of pine enhances the Northern Lights experience.
  • Grape Ape is an indica strain that has a soft taste of its namesake on inhale, with pepper and pine on exhale. Grape Ape may lend a deep relaxation to both body and mind, with potentially sedating effects.
  • Watermelon Zkittlez is a mouthwatering candy explosion of flavor, delivering a powerful, head-rushing euphoria. With its heavy yet cerebral effects, this indica-dominant Dart Pod strain is ideal for the end of the day.
  • Pineapple Express is an infamous hybrid strain is known to provide uplifting effects and a burst of creativity-fueled energy. Patients can expect notes of pineapple and pine when medicating with Pineapple Express.
  • OG Kush 1:1 THC/CBD is a hybrid strain said to provide a hint of citrus on inhale and earthy flavor profile on exhale. OG Kush may lend relaxing, balanced and primarily cerebral effects.
  • Mango Kush Dart Pod bursts with mango flavor, followed by a soft hint of pine. The strain provides uplifting, cerebral effects on the onset that gently fade to relaxation, making it an ideal option for any time of day.
  • Rainbow Belts bursts with sugary sweet goodness, followed by soft notes of earth. The strain provides soothing, relaxing effects.
  • Lemonade Kush is a sweet blast of lemon, followed by soft notes of dank. The strain is uplifting with euphoric effects.
  • Gruntz, a limited edition strain with relaxing benefits and a candy-sweet grape taste.
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Net Weight

500mg net weight

Active Ingredients

~340mg THC
>10mg CBD

OG Kush (1:1) contains ~200mg CBD and ~200mg THC

Inactive Ingredients

All-natural, and cannabis terpenes

Recommended Dose

3-5 mg average per inhalation


~340mg THC
>10mg CBD

OG Kush (1:1) contains approx. 200mg CBD and 200mg THC

Supply Cost

30-day supply-$15.00
50-day supply-$25.00
70-day supply-$35.00

100 doses per pod



MÜV Dart Pod Cannabis Cartridge
MÜV Dart Pod Cannabis Cartridge

Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Dart Cannabis Pods

What is CCELL®?

CCELL has been an industry leader in the world of vapes, revolutionizing the heating element from a cotton wick that was prone to burning to ceramic, a highly porous material that ensures oil is constantly flowing to prevent burnt or dry doses. The batteries and cartridges have been perfected through continuous R&D, so much so that they have become the cannabis industry standard.

Is this product exclusive to MÜV?

No, one other MMTC carries Dart Pods.

Will this fit on my current battery?

Cannabis Dart Pods are only compatible with the Dart battery.

What is the potency of Dart Pods?

Dart Pods are typically 60-70% THC per 500 mg cartridge (exception OG Kush 1:1 THC/CBD).

How many mg is this cartridge?

Dart Pod cartridges are 500mg net weight, with the mg of THC varying by batch. Patients can rest assured that only the amount of THC is deducted from their MMUR profile - not 500mg.

What are the Dart Pod strains?

The MÜV Dart line has six consistent strains: Tropicana Cookies and Super Silver Haze (sativa), Pineapple Express (hybrid) and OG Kush (hybrid/high CBD), Grape Ape and Northern Lights (indica).

Is the Dart Pod system the same as the G Pen GIO?

While the G Pen GIO and Dart are both pod-based systems, they are not the same, nor are their cartridges and batteries interchangeable. The Dart is a CCELL product, a brand widely regarded as the industry leader in the cannabis space that revolutionized vaping with the introduction of ceramic cartridges.

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