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Cannabis Delivery and Express Pickup Available!

Welcome to MÜV Medical Cannabis Dispensary: Where Florida Medical Marijuana Patients Shop for the Best Cannabis Products on the Market.

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Shop for medical marijuana products online, in-store, or over the phone with our Patient Care Support Team.

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MÜV Dispensary Locations

We're quickly expanding and on track to open more cannabis dispensaries across Florida over the next year.

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MÜV Cannabis Discounts

Take advantage of these everyday discounts medical marijuana and on cannabis products.

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Become a Medical Cannabis Patient

If you would like to learn about becoming a medical cannabis patient in Florida, MÜV is here to help. We can provide information on the benefits of becoming a MÜV Patient as well as help you locate a certified cannabis physician to help you get the process started.

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MÜV For Physicians

For both physicians and businesses, it's an exciting time to be involved in the cannabis industry. Whether you are a certified cannabis physician, or interested in becoming one, MÜV wants to partner with you in sharing the healing benefits of cannabis.

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Makers of MÜV Products

About MÜV™

MÜV™ Dispensary by AltMed Florida was formed in 2017 through partnership with AltMed Enterprises, a fully integrated, science-focused Florida cannabis company, and Plants of Ruskin, a multi-generational Florida agricultural leader.

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