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Track & Learn

MÜV Patient Pioneers are real patients who help improve our collective knowledge about how various cannabis strains work for specific conditions. Because this work has value for cultivators, doctors and patients alike, we reward our Patient Pioneers with real savings.

We’re asking you to review strains across delivery formats – this includes MÜV Shatter, Blue, Live Rosin, as well as MÜV Premium Flower and Pre-rolls, and All-in-One vapes – to help MÜV learn about these brand-new genetics, bring data to the cannabis space, and assist fellow patients in their medical cannabis journey.

How it Works


Purchase a qualifying strain

Patient Pioneers are notified about qualifying strains, and your MÜV Medtender can always let you know as well.


Track 5 sessions of use for that strain on the Strainprint app

Strainprint is our partner in tracking strain effects. If you don’t have a Strainprint account, simply visit this link: and make sure to use activation code: MUVSTRAIN

If you already have the app, simply add the activation code by navigating to Profile – Activation Codes and toggle the MUVSTRAIN to green.


Receive a 10% discount on your next MÜV purchase

You can receive up to three of these discount rewards, but the rewards are not stackable. The 10% applies to your total purchase after any Ü Points rewards have been redeemed.

To receive your emailed discount, you must track the mandatory five sessions. After tracking, click your Strainpoints Points at the bottom of the app home screen and select “Redeem” for the 10% coupon. You will receive an email from Strainprint requesting your first and last name (to verify your discount in-store) and the email address you would like your discount sent to. Take a look at Strainprint's easy-to-follow how-to video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to redeem.

Qualifying Strains

Please note not all strains will be available at every store, nor will they occur in every consumption method.

The Stoke
(Sour Tangie x White OG) is a hybrid strain with notes of diesel, citrus and spice.

Ice Cream Cake X Gelato
(Ice Cream Cake) x (Gelato 41 x Kush Mints) is an indica-dominant strain with notes of sweet vanilla.

Chem D x Hindu Ghost
(Chem D x Hindu Ghost) is an indica strain with sour and earthy notes and sweet undertones.

(Zkittles x Triangle Kush Bx3) is an indica-dominant hybrid with earthy, citrus notes.

Franken Cake
(GMO x Lava Cake) is an indica strain with earthy, yet fruity and sweet notes.

London Pound Mints
(London Pound Cake x Animal Mints) is an indica-dominant strain with sweet berry and earthy notes.

Kunduz Legend
(Kunduz x I-95) is an indica-dominant hybrid with sour, citrus and diesel notes.

Punch Cookies
(Purple Punch x Triangle Cookies) is an indica strain with fruity, sweet and pine notes.

Bubba D
(Chem D x Pre 98 Bubba) is an indica strain with sour, intense, and earthy yet sweet notes.

Flash Point
(Snowman x Bio Diesel) is a sativa-dominant hybrid with skunky, earthy notes and an undertone of vanilla.

Silver Durban Lights
(Super Silver Haze x Durban Poison x Northern Lights Haze) is a sativa-dominant hybrid with citrus, spicy and sweet scents.

Glue Sniffer
(GG x (GG4 x The Whip!) BX4) is an indica-dominant hybrid with earthy, sweet scents.

(Tang Tang x Pre 98 Bubba) is a sativa-dominant strain with herbal and zesty citrus notes.

Black Banana
(Black Berry Kush x Banana Fire) > F2 (Black Banana x Black Banana) is an indica-dominant hybrid with sweet notes of taffy and berry.

Animal Face
(Face Off OG x Animal Mints) is a hybrid strain with subtle notes of mint and pine.

Disclaimer: By purchasing these strains, you accept that MÜV only accepts returns on defective product, not based on dislike of effects.

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