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Cannabis Flower

Marijuana strains are painstakingly chosen based on effects produced for the patient as well as flower characteristics such as structure, scent and trichome development. MÜV Flower is available in three tiers, with Tiers 1 and 2 identified based on size, structure and scent of bud and hand-trimmed to showcase these features, and Tier 3 identified by size alone.

Verano Reserve Flower (previously Limited Reserve) stands alone from tiered. These cultivars were rigorously phenohunted (exception: M.A.C. 1) at the MÜV Cultivation and present striking features: dense trichomes, unique structures, and robust THC content.

Shop for quality flower in prepackaged, smell-proof jars, flower cups, single or 5-Pack pre-rolled joints, and Verano Reserve Flower in glass jars, 0.7g Pre-roll, or 5-Pack Pre-rolls.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flower

Can you buy medical flower in Florida?

On March 18, 2019, Governor Rick DeSantis signed SB 182 into law, allowing physicians to recommend the smoking of medical marijuana flower. This Senate Bill established flower as its own category in the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, requiring it to be added by your recommending physician. Learn more about the progress of medical marijuana in Florida here.

What is flower at a dispensary?

When you visit a Florida dispensary, you will likely see flower listed as an option. Flower refers to the bud of the cannabis plant, which contains the therapeutic compounds and is often smoked in pre-rolls, hand-rolled joints, bowls or water pipes (“bongs”).

What is a flower cup?

Flower cups are ceramic cups that hold cannabis flower. These cups are designed to be used with tabletop vaporizers, which allows for the vaporization of the desired THC, CBD and other cannabis compounds, as opposed to combusting with fire.

What is smoking a flower?

Smoking flower is considered the “old school” way of consuming the plant. Flower can be ground up by hands or with a grinder, to then be rolled into a joint or loaded into a pipe. The flower is combusted with flower and inhaled to provide immediate onset of effects.

Is a flower a bud?

Yes! Flower and bud are synonymous terms.

Does flower get you higher?

Some believe that smoking marijuana flower provides a more potent high. This is likely due to what’s known as the entourage effect, or the theory that when more compounds from the cannabis plant are present when consumed, the more therapeutic the benefits.

How long does smoking flower last?

While smoking flower offers some of the fastest onset times, the duration of effects are just 2-3 hours.

Is resin stronger than flower?

In the marijuana world, resin can refer to two things: resin produced by the plant, and resin left over in pipes.

Trichomes naturally produce resin on the cannabis plant. This resin holds trichomes together and creates the “sticky” feeling of bud. Resin acts as a protective barrier against pests and UV rays, protecting the cannabis plant and its compounds. Resin collected from the plant is often more potent than cannabis flower, as the concentration of THC is higher.

Resin in pipes is the black, tar-like residue left over in bowls and pipes when smoking. While you can smoke resin, it is not recommended as it does not provide a pleasant experience.

Can CBD flowers make you high?

The cannabis flower produces hundreds of cannabinoids, with the two most concentrated being THC and CBD. High-THC strains often contain small amounts of CBD, while high-CBD strains often contain small amounts of THC.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, and even counteracts some of the psychoactivity THC presents.

Which cannabis flower is best for pain?

One of the unique features of cannabis is that it interacts with everyone differently; for example, a strain that eases headaches in one person may exacerbate the symptoms in another.

The best way to find the strain that suits your medicinal needs is to track each medicating session with Strainprint, the mobile journaling app. The platform analyzes your symptom level before and after medicating to determine the product’s efficacy for your personal symptom management. Learn more here.

What are flower pre-rolls?

Pre-rolls are pre-rolled ground flower, typically housed in rice or wood pulp paper. Pre-rolls are often considered a grab-and-go medicating option, as the flower is rolled and ready to consume.

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