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Verano Reserve Flower

Verano Reserve Flower (formerly Limited Reserve) encompasses an array of premium cannabis genetics. These exotic strains have been rigorously phenohunted (exception: M.A.C. 1) in the MÜV Cultivation and present striking features: dense trichome production, unique bud structures, and robust THC content.

Each plant is hand-watered to maintain ideal moisture levels, hand-trimmed to preserve trichomes, and extensively cured in airtight containers to protect terpenes and ensure even distribution of moisture in each bud. Because of the extensive care they receive, Reserve cultivars are grown in limited quantities.

Superior flower deserves superior packaging – airtight, child-resistant glass jars in a sleek matte white. Verano Reserve genetics are the highest grade of cannabis flower, available in limited supply. In this way, Reserve truly means reserve – if these premium strains are spotted online, they should be reserved for express pickup.

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Net Weight

3.5 grams

Active Ingredients

Cannabis spp. plants

Inactive Ingredients


Recommended Dose

Varies by strain


THC: Varied by strain
CBD: Varied by strain

Supply Cost



Verano Reserve Cannabis Flower
Verano Reserve Cannabis Flower

Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Verano Reserve Cannabis Flower

Why is Reserve Flower $60?

Because these exotic, high grade strains receive more hands-on attention in the form of hand watering, hand trimming, and the delivery of beneficial nutrients, they require vastly more time and attention. This time and attention presents striking features for Florida’s patients.

What is cannabis phenohunting?

Phenohunting is the act of growing strains to examine their characteristics. When male and female cannabis plants are crossed, the female will produce seeds. Each seed is a different phenotype – they come from the same plants and have the same genealogy, but may present slightly different features, much like siblings. Phenohunting is the act of growing these seeds to determine which pheno best meets the desires of the Cultivators to produce on a large scale.

Phenohunting begins with seeds. When male cannabis plants are used to fertilize female, the female plants will begin producing seeds. Think of the seeds as siblings - they have the same parents, but display slightly different characteristics. Growing the seeds, at that point known as phenotypes, to view their characteristics is called phenohunting, as Cultivators are hunting for the best pheno to produce in mass.

What is the potency of Reserve Flower?

Reserve Flower contains the most potent genetics produced by MÜV. While the percentage will vary batch-by-batch due to the biological nature of growing a plant, patients can expect THC to be at or above 20%.

But, be sure to look at more than just THC when shopping for cannabis.

Can Reserve Flower be vaporized?

Reserve Flower can absolutely be vaporized using a dry herb vaporizer.

Are Reserve genetics available in any other cannabis formats?

Reserve strains will also be available in 5-pack Pre-rolls for ease of use for MÜV Patients.

What is the difference between Reserve strains?

The difference in strains stems from the terpene profile. Terpenes are what cause the strain-specific effects most patients seek, such as drowsiness, euphoria, and even pain relief.

If you’re unsure of how terpenes affect strains, read our post “Learn Why You’re Shopping Wrong For Cannabis When Searching For The Highest THC.”

Where can I buy Reserve Flower?

You can buy Reserve cannabis flower at your local MÜV Cannabis Dispensary, or reserve Reserve online. Because of the limited supply of Reserve, we encourage online reservations.

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