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Become a Cannabis Physician in Florida

MÜV Florida’s management team has a significant pharmaceutical and biotech industry background. From day one, it has been our mission to bring  these standards to medical cannabis. We value our physician network as well as the overall contribution of modern medicine to human wellness. In conjunction with dedicated medical professionals, MÜV Florida is committed to helping patients reduce the side effects of prescription drugs, particularly addictive substances, and to offer options to improve patient quality of life.

At MÜV Florida, we believe medical cannabis can play an important role in modern healthcare and  provide unique benefits to patients. Therefore, our mission is to advance alternative, cannabis-based therapies to improve the quality of life for MÜV patients. By using a scientific approach, such as our patented encapsulation technology, we are able to produce medicine with greater bioavailability and have faster onset times to help patients receive  the maximum benefits.

The MÜV Florida Team is comprised of an accomplished group of horticulturists, fourth generation farmers, and PhD chemists. They have chaired educational endowments to support ongoing agricultural research projects, which is a testament to our belief in the importance of agriculture advancement in Florida.

MÜV Florida has been able to bring pharmaceutical precision to the cannabis industry through the MÜV brand. Since the brand’s inception in Arizona, MÜV has received both national and international recognition for developing quality, consistent, and safe cannabis based medicines

MÜV Florida: Florida owned, Florida grown, and proudly serving Florida patients.

Become a verified Cannabis Physician

Physicians who meet the requirements may gain access to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry after completing the required 2-hour course and examination. The course and examination are provided by the Florida Medical Association and the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association. Successful completion of the course is required each time a physician renews his or her license.


Qualifying Conditions For Cannabis Patients

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A Full Spectrum of Cannabis Delivery Options

MÜV Florida provides a variety of delivery methods for medical cannabis products - including several options only available at our dispensaries. Whether it be vaporizers, topicals, or transdermal patches, understanding the benefits of each delivery method is a great starting point in knowing medical cannabis. With this foundation of knowledge, you can make appropriate recommendations for individual patient needs.

A diagram of delivery method optionsA diagram of cannabis delivery options