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Become a Medical Cannabis Patient in Florida

Welcome to MÜV! Please read this page to educate yourself on medical cannabis and to understand the Florida medical cannabis program.

MÜV Dispensaries are staffed with knowledgeable and friendly teams thoroughly trained to assist medical cannabis patients. We have dedicated Medtenders, as well as a Patient Care Support Team, available to help patients navigate their way through their medical cannabis journey and to better understand delivery methods and product options.

MÜV offers the highest quality, most effective medical cannabis products available on the market. Our products are rigorously tested both in-house and through a third-party lab for both purity and consistency.  Patients can expect the highest standards.

1. Find a physician

To become a valid Florida medical cannabis patient, you must be added to the Compassionate Use Registry. You can accomplish this by contacting a Florida physician who is certified to work with medical cannabis patients.


2. Apply for a Patient ID Card

To purchase and/or be in possession of medical marijuana, patients and their caregivers must maintain an active Medical Marijuana Use Registry Identification Card.


3. Shop MÜV Dispensary

Driven by science and research, MÜV cannabis-infused products are developed to be the highest quality, most effective medical cannabis products available.

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Things To Consider

While cannabis continues to gain recognition as a legitimate medicine from the established medical community, the cannabis industry still has a long way to go in creating reliable sources of information for consumer education. Nonetheless, the MÜV physician network, along with countless contemporaries, overwhelmingly confirm that cannabis is a safe alternative, as well as supplement, to pharmaceutical drugs.

Qualifying Conditions For Cannabis Patients

Understanding Medical Cannabis

Cannabis is a diverse natural medicine that eases such symptoms as pain, anxiety, tremors, insomnia, and many more. Looking to the 5,000-year history of cannabis consumption, there has never been a known death caused by usage. In fact, in more modern times, people report that cannabis is a great replacement for opioids and other addictive drugs that account for countless overdose deaths. For both medical patients and recovering addicts, cannabis is a reliable natural medicine that can help return a missing quality of life.

While MÜV is 100% behind medical cannabis, we recommend that new patients go slowly with their introduction to the medicine. To this end, please begin with low doses and keep a detailed journal of each medical cannabis experience. By being your own advocate, you can effectively learn about which strains, formulations, and delivery methods are best suited for your medical needs. At MÜV, we are here with you every step of the way to help ensure the most positive medical cannabis experience possible.

From Seed To Patient

AltMed Florida builds on a four generation long tradition of farming in Florida, through the history of Plants of Ruskin, with a new commitment to growing the safest, highest quality medical cannabis. We provide one continuous path from seed to finished product, delivered to patients in our own licensed MÜV Dispensaries.

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