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Cannabis Inhalers

An ideal solution for fast and controlled delivery of medical cannabis, marijuana inhalers offer an ultra-discreet and familiar way to medicate. Marijuana inhalers are an important item in the cannabis space, as THC has shown to be a bronchodilator, a significant discovery for patients with asthma and other airway ailments.

Try our 1:1 THC/CBD or pure THC Inhaler for metered, convenient dosing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Inhalers

What are marijuana inhalers?

Marijuana inhalers, often referred to as weed inhalers, are a newer form of cannabis consumption. Designed for discretionary medicating, inhalers provide a metered dose, typically a microdose, of cannabinoids with each actuation with no smoking required.

Weed inhalers work just as an asthma inhaler, and in some instances even use the same propellant.

Are there different types of cannabis inhalers?

There are many different brands of cannabis inhalers on the market now, each boasting different propellants, mg per dose, and mg per product. It is important to always purchase cannabis products, including inhalers, from a trusted source that provides Certificates of Analysis upon request.

Are marijuana inhalers effective?

To understand the effectiveness of cannabis inhalers, it’s important to learn how the lungs function. They are made of alveoli, or tiny sacs that regulate the flow and exchange of gases. As you inhale, the alveoli capture the oxygen to send it into the bloodstream and, on exhale, the alveoli contract to release CO2 from the bloodstream.

Inhaled cannabis works in the same way. As you inhale and the compounds reach the lungs and bronchial tubes, the cannabinoids are absorbed by the alveoli and sent to the bloodstream. Inhalers are able to effectively reach the bronchial tubes and alveoli because of the use of propellants, which allows more of the beneficial compounds to reach the lungs and bronchial pathways to be effectively absorbed into the bloodstream. This efficient delivery of cannabinoids renders inhalers a high-bioavailability (the effectiveness of compounds reaching the bloodstream) option.

Can you get medical weed for asthma?

Currently, asthma is not on the list of qualifying conditions determined by the Florida Department of Health, but research has shown promise in its benefits for asthmatic patients.

While smoking flower has shown to irritate the lungs, this may be due to the method of consumption and the addition of materials, such as the paper required to smoke. THC has shown to be a bronchodilator, or a compound that opens bronchial pathways, in some studies. More conclusive research is needed to further confirm the relationship between the bronchial dilation and THC inhalers.

How long do vapor inhalers last?

Cannabis inhalers, on average, last anywhere from 150-200 actuations, depending on the brand purchased. In terms of effects, like cannabis vapes, the effects of marijuana inhalers are felt within 5-10 minutes and last approximately 2-3 hours.

Where can you buy a THC inhaler online?

MÜV Florida worked with the University of South Florida to create a cannabis inhaler as trustworthy as an albuterol inhaler, and using the same propellant. In doing so, isolated THC and CBD, in the case of the 1:1 option, are effectively transported to the bronchial airways for quick absorption into the bloodstream. MÜV Cannabis Inhalers provide 2.4mg of cannabinoids per dose for an effective, discreet, microdosing option.

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