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MÜV Florida Dispensary FAQs

Below are the most frequently asked questions about MÜV dispensaries and products. Please visit your MÜV local dispensary page for more information about that location.

Where is MÜV located?

MÜV has over 30 dispensaries across the state of Florida. Find a MÜV FL dispensary near you!

Is MÜV FL medical only?

Yes, per Florida state law, marijuana usage must be recommended by a recommending physician. It’s important to note that, because it is a medical market, there are some special rules and regulations. Learn more about becoming a new medical marijauna patient in FL here.

Can you go into a dispensary without a card in Florida?

No, you will need to be registered with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry to shop at any Florida dispensary.

How do I get my medical marijuana card in Florida?

First, you must find an approved medical marijuana physician. After your appointment, you must submit your state application along with the $75 application fee. In 10-14 days, you should receive your approval email, which qualifies you to shop!

What products can I buy at MÜV?

MÜV carries medical cannabis products in a variety of methods and formulas, like CBD, THC, and 1:1 ratios. Our most popular options include vapes and concentrates, topicals, oral products such as tinctures, capsules and oils, as well as whole flower.

What hardware does MÜV FL sell?

MÜV sells cannabis hardware for use with 510-thread vape cartridges, vape pods and concentrates (known as dab pens):

  • 510-thread cartridges: CCELL® Palm, CCELL® Standard Battery
  • Pods: CCELL® Dart
  • Concentrates: Puffco Plus, Boundless Terp Pen

Can I shop for MÜV cannabis products online?

Express Order reservations are a convenient way to reserve your products. You can place an Express Order online or over the phone. Pickup orders are ready in an hour, and all payments are taken in person. Orders placed after close of business are processed the following day.

Do you offer delivery services?

Most MÜV locations offer delivery up to 20 miles from the dispensary. Deliveries arrive within 48 hours of ordering and include a $20 fee for orders under $150.

Do you offer curbside pickup?

MÜV does not currently offer curbside, except to accommodate medical needs. To inquire about curbside assistance, contact us at (833) 880-5420.

Can somebody else pick up my order for me?

Per Department of Health guidelines, only persons that are state-approved Caregivers may purchase medical marijuana for patients. This requires an application by the Caregiver to be approved by the state. Otherwise, only the patient may place or pick up orders.

Does MÜV have any specials or discounts?

MÜV offers recurring dispensary discounts for Seniors 55+ (10%), Veterans (20%), Pediatric Patients 17 and under (25%), and a Long Distance Travel Discount (10%) if you travel over 100 miles to the nearest location. 


Non-recurring discounts include a yearly Birthday Gift ($25 off one order of $50+ during the month of your birthday).  


MÜV also offers a stackable $25 credit for every friend you refer!

I tried a product that didn’t work well for me. Can I return/exchange it?

MÜV is not able to return or exchange medical products based on preference. If you have a product you think may be defective, bring it into the store with original packaging to have our team troubleshoot or replace it.

Does MÜV grow your own flower?

Yes! Our flower is grown in Apollo Beach, Florida without the use of harmful pesticides.

Is MÜV part of a larger brand?

MÜV is a member of the Verano family.

What year did MÜV open?

The first MÜV Dispensary opened its doors in Phoenix, Arizona in 2017. The first Florida dispensary opened one year later in Apollo Beach, Florida.

How many MÜV locations are there?

MÜV currently has 34 locations across the state of Florida, with more coming soon!

Where is MÜV headquartered?

MÜV is headquartered in Apollo Beach, Florida, while our parent brand, Verano, is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Can I buy MÜV products outside of Florida?

Yes, they can! MÜV Dispensary in Phoenix, AZ accepts both medical and recreational patients. There is also a dispensary in Ohio that sells our transdermal products.

Can I travel with medical marijuana?

In Florida, yes, but be sure to follow state guidelines, including keeping your medical marijuana in its original packaging. Because cannabis is not federally legal, you may not travel out of state with your products.

How should I store my cannabis?

For the best effect, most cannabis products should be stored in airtight containers in a cool, dark, dry place (like a cabinet or drawer). Concentrates, edibles, and oral products can also be stored in the refrigerator- just heat with warm water or by rolling in your palms if needed.

How do I know what strain is right for me?

The best way to find what works is to try different strains and record your experiences. Once you know how something works for you, MedTenders and the Patient Care Team can help guide you towards other products that may benefit your medical routine.

How can I learn more about the MÜV Products?

Product reviews are a great way to see real feedback from other patients! For more details or a personal recommendation, you can ask your MedTender or contact the Patient Care Team, 7 days a week.

Is MÜV Dispensary pet-friendly?

While we would LOVE to invite pets in along with patients, due to liabilities, only service animals are permitted at MÜV Dispensaries. To avoid being asked if your pet is a service animal, pleasure ensure it is wearing the applicable tag or vest.

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