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Cannabis Vape Products

Vaping is the heating of marijuana oils to the point of vaporization for inhalation and provides an immediate onset of effects. MÜV Vape Products offer patients a robust array of lines and strains to best customize their treatment plans.

Find a variety of flavor profiles, sativa, indica and hybrid options to suit your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vapes

What are cannabis vape products?

Cannabis vapes were adapted from the nicotine space and work much in the same way. The device heats an oil into a vapor that the user inhales and, in the case of marijuana vapes, this vapor includes the THC, CBD and terpenes of the strain inhaled.

Do you smoke cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is a broad term that includes distillate and RSO. While both technically cannabis oils, they are vastly different.

RSO contains a high concentration of plant matter, including fats, chlorophyll and lipids. For this reason, it should not be inhaled, but ingested or applied topically.

Distillate, which is the most versatile cannabis product, contains isolated cannabinoids including THC, trace amounts of CBD and terpenes. Distillate oil can be smoked with whole flower, vaporized in pre-filled marijuana vapes, or consumed orally or dabbed via syringe.

What is a cannabis vape cartridge?

A cannabis vape cartridge usually contains marijuana distillate. Vape cartridges are a common new-age way to consume cannabis as they are incredibly discreet and easy to use.

Some other variations of cannabis cartridges include live resin carts, rosin carts, sauce carts, among others.

What hardware do you need for cannabis vaporization?

Cannabis can be vaporized in an extracted form of an oil, and also the full flower form.  

Oil requires a cartridge or tank to load the oil on a coil, while the flower can be vaporized in a ceramic chamber or ceramic flower cups compatible with tabletop devices.

What is a vape pen?

A vape pen is an electronic device that uses heat to vaporize THC distillate oil. Vape pens are typically a system of cartridge or pod and rechargeable battery, or disposable that contains the battery and cartridge in one unit.

Do I need a separate battery for my vape cart?

Vape cartridges do require a battery. 510-thread is the most common cartridge and battery in the cannabis space and is often referred to as a universal battery as it can be used with any 510-thread cartridge. There are pod-style cartridges as well, which can only be used with their compatible battery, and disposables in which the battery and cartridge are attached for one-time use.

When it comes to vaping, brand does matter. CCELL® is one of the highest rated cannabis vapes due to its consistency and ability to evenly heat cannabis oils. You can learn more about the brand in our post: What is CCELL and How Do I Use it?

How often do I need to charge my vape battery?

Marijuana vape batteries need recharging after every 200 uses or so, with the full charge lasting 5 hours worth of medicating.

Is vaping marijuana safer than smoking?

There is not enough research to determine whether smoking or vaping is safer.

Can you get high from vaping CBD oil?

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, but it may leave you feeling more relaxed!

Many vapes have THC included because, at room temperature, CBD is a solid. The addition of THC keeps the viscous oil liquid for vaporization, with CBD potentially counteracting the psychoactivity of THC and promoting a sense of calm.

Is a cannabis vape pod and cart the same thing?

A pod vs. a cartridge has to do with the hardware. Cartridges usually screw onto a battery, while a pod will slip right into its compatible battery.

What is a marijuana vaporizer cup?

A vaporizer cup is usually ceramic and contains whole flower that is heated at low temperatures until the terpenes and cannabinoids are vaporized. A benefit to vaporizing flower is the absence of combustion, which in turn preserves terpenes.

Are cannabis vape carts strain specific?

It is possible for cartridges not to be strain specific. Cartridges usually contain distillate, which removes a majority of compounds in the cannabis plant that make it strain specific such as terpenes. However, many cartridges contain re-introduced terpenes allowing for a strain-specific effect.

How do I buy a THC vaporizer?

Vape hardware can be purchased online, in dispensaries (or reserved for pickup for said dispensary), and at smoke shops. The cannabis cartridge itself must be purchased from a licensed medical marijuana dispensary.

Do cannabis vape products come in THC and CBD?

They do! Not only can you purchase THC-dominant or CBD-dominant marijuana vapes, but ratio blends containing both cannabinoids as well.

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