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About MÜV Cannabis Dispensaries in Florida

If you’re seeking medical cannabis solutions from cannabis enthusiasts, those who believe fully in the plant as medicine, you’ve come to the right place.

MÜV Medical Cannabis Dispensary and cannabis-infused products are the fruition of what was once just an idea: that everyone deserves access to cannabis.

The plant holds untold potential in easing a variety of ailments, potential that cannot be uncovered without constant exploration. Research and development are at the heart of MÜV for this reason. Our R&D team is led by scientists, allowing for continual innovation of alternative cannabis as medicine, including patented transdermal application options.

From our corporate team to cultivation and dispensary, our team stays current on research to remain an educated resource on the plant and its compounds, including terpenes and minor cannabinoids.

As a member of the Verano family, our resources have expanded tenfold to further the MÜV goal – to provide the best cannabis and cannabis-infused products to Florida’s medical marijuana patients.

Cultivating Perfect Medicine, One Plant At A Time

MÜV’s cultivation team is handpicked from a select group of accomplished horticulturists and scientists, wielding the experience and knowledge of four generations of professional cultivators and marrying it with cutting-edge technologies. We believe our process has been dialed in and cured to perfection, and we’re just getting started.

Operations are conducted in state-of-the-art facilities in Apollo Beach, Florida. Our experience, mixed with passion and a highly knowledgeable staff, makes for unparalleled quality. Each strain is provided the loving care it deserves, free of pesticides and plant growth regulators.

We grow with the industry. Our unmatched passion for providing the best flower has evolved into adopting the same philosophy in offering our concentrates and oils. To ensure only quality medicine is provided to our patients, plants are tested along their life cycle by our in-house scientists, and so, too, are our crafted cannabis products. Our name, along with the history and passion behind our process, goes on each product.  You deserve the best medical cannabis, provided with compassionate care, and we’re committed to providing nothing short of both.

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Committed to Florida's Economic Growth

MÜV is committed to its neighborhood. We opened our first Florida dispensary in 2018, since, we’ve added hundreds of new jobs and careers for Florida locals, cultivating careers in sales, retail, operations, and more. We’re committed to keeping this growing in Florida, and look forward to offering hundreds of more jobs to smiling faces in our community.

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Supporting Community And Causes

MÜV is dedicated to creating positive change throughout Florida and society at large. Through our partnerships with Josh Provides, Payton Wright Foundation and Children's Cancer Center, MÜV has raised both funds and awareness for Floridians diagnosed with Epilepsy, Cancer and other conditions that affect our patients and the people that love them.

We have not forgotten our roots. We are, first and foremost, cultivators, totaling over four decades of experience. To give back to the storied industry that has helped further the cannabis space, MÜV has chaired educational endowments through the University of Florida. With these initiatives, we are proud to support ongoing agricultural research projects to further our understanding of plant cultivation.

As our root system broadens, our mission becomes clearer. The cannabis plant is widely gaining acceptance – something the criminal justice system has yet to reflect on a large scale. We, along with parent company Verano and sister dispensaries Zen Leaf, are proud supporters of the Weldon Project’s Mission Green Initiative. The nonprofit determined to right the past wrongs of cannabis incarceration by advocating for clemency, expungement, and federal pardons for those incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis-related crimes.  When you shop MÜV, you aren’t just supporting Florida’s cannabis program. You are supporting local Florida charities dedicated to community health, statewide educational initiatives, and national cannabis reform organizations.

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