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MÜV Plus Vape Cartridges

MÜV Plus vape delivers our highest quality cannabis oil in reliable 510 thread CCELL® cartridges. Crafted from our MÜV Premium Flower and available in a variety of rotating strains, MÜV Plus offers unrivaled vape distillate enhanced by strain-specific extract for a true-to-flower vaping experience. The result is a potent, fast-acting and terpene-rich medical cannabis option.

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Net Weight

500 mg

Active Ingredients

~340 mg THC

>10 mg CBD

Inactive Ingredients

Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

Recommended Dose

3 mg per 3-second inhalation


Varies by strain

Supply Cost

30-day supply: $15.00
50-day supply: $25.00
70-day supply: $35.00

Contains ~167 doses per cartridge



MÜV Plus
MÜV Plus

Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Vape Carts

Will the cartridge fit any 510 thread battery?

Yes It will.

Is Plus strain-specific?

Yes, MÜV Plus is crafted from specific strains of MÜV flower.

Do these strains change?

Yes, MÜV Plus is available in a selection of strains that will rotate based on the current harvests of MÜV Flower.

Do you use cutting agents?

MÜV Plus utilizes only cannabis-derived terpenes to achieve vapable consistencies for MÜV cartridges.

How many mg is this cartridge?

Net weight 500 mg with approximately 400 mg THC content.

Can these be refilled?

No, the Plus cartridges are single use. However, they do produce less waste than the disposable pen.

Do these use added terpenes?

The process involves creating an extract which retains the terpene profile of that strain, and then combining that with our potent distillate. This preserves the flavor profiles and qualities of the strain.

Is this the same oil as the All-in-One Vape Pen?

Yes, Plus uses the same vape oil as the All-in-One, but in a larger, 510 compatible, CCELL cartridge. It is a better value and involves less waste than the disposable pen, for those who are comfortable using a separate battery. The All-in-One remains the simplest and most convenient vape option.

How is Plus different from Püre?

Both use the same hardware and same price point, and have the same distillate base (so have similar potency). Plus, however, uses cannabis-derived terpenes for a flower-like experience, whereas Püre used botanical terpenes to craft its specific profiles. The selection for Püre remains consistent, grouped by type (indica, sativa, hybrid, high CBD) whereas Plus offers a rotating selection of strains.

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