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MÜV Cannabis Chocolates

MÜV Cannabis Chocolates are inspired by Belgian chocolatiers and crafted using natural ingredients you can trust. Infused with Premium Distillate, each piece simply tastes like chocolate, with little to no cannabis taste. Our Chocolates are produced in small, artisan batches and yield consistent dosing and reliable effects. Each 10mg piece is individually wrapped for freshness and easy dosing, and segmented, allowing you to evenly split into two 5mg doses. Available in:

  • Milk Chocolate, smooth, creamy, and delicious. Gluten-free and all natural.  
  • Caramel Milk Chocolate, sweet, buttery, and delectable. Gluten-free and all natural.  
  • Dark Chocolate, rich, velvety, and delicious. Gluten-free, vegan, and all natural.  
  • Raspberry Dark Chocolate, sweet-and-tart twist on original Dark. Gluten-free, vegan, and all natural.  
  • Peppermint Dark Chocolate (winter 2021 seasonal flavor), candy cane-free take on peppermint bark. Gluten-free, vegan, and all natural.
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Net Weight


Active Ingredients

Activated Cannabis Oil

Inactive Ingredients

Milk Chocolate: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Milk Powder, Soy Lecithin, (Emulsifier), Vanilla Extract

Caramel Milk Chocolate: Milk Chocolate, (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Milk Powder, Soy Lecithin, (Emulsifier), Vanilla Extract) Natural Flavors

Dark Chocolate: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Soy Lecithin (Emulsifier), Vanilla Extract, Salt

Raspberry Dark Chocolate: Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin (Emulsifier), Vanilla Extract), Natural Flavors

Peppermint Dark Chocolate: Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin (Emulsifier), Vanilla Extract), Natural Flavors

Recommended Dose

1 half piece: ~5mg THC

1 piece: ~10mg THC


Supply Cost

30-day supply: $75

50-day supply: $125

70-day supply: $175



MÜV Chocolates

Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Chocolates

How much MÜV Marijuana Chocolates should I take?

It’s recommended to start with a low dose when first trying edibles, 5mg (1/2 piece of Chocolates), or even less. A full dose of MÜV Chocolates is 10mg (1 piece).

What is the onset time for the MÜV Chocolates?

This varies from person to person, but it is always longer than other forms of cannabis delivery. At least 30-60 minutes should be expected, and it can be longer. Patients need to be aware of this lag so they can avoid the common mistake of taking more in the belief that they didn’t take enough. This results in a more powerful experience than intended, and the experience will last for many hours.

What is the best way to store cannabis chocolate?

Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration will not affect the potency, but it is not required.

Are MÜV Chocolates vegan and gluten-free?

Our Chocolates are both gluten-free and Dark Chocolate is also vegan. Both are made with all-natural ingredients.

Are MÜV Cannabis Chocolates strain-specific?

Few terpenes are present in the distillate used to infuse the marijuana edibles, nor are they reintroduced in MÜV Chocolates, so this not considered a strain-specific product. They are also not categorized by sativa, hybrid, or indica.

Are there nuts or allergens present?

Both the Milk and Dark Chocolates may contain trace amounts of nuts, milk and gluten, so we cannot guarantee allergen safety.

Can MÜV Chocolates be dispensed under the Oral route?

No, our Chocolates are for edible consumption only.

What is the shelf life of cannabis chocolate?

One year.

Can I buy cannabis chocolate online?

While you cannot complete your purchase online, cannabis chocolate can be reserved online for delivery or in-store pickup.

What is the nutritional information for Chocolates?

Serving Size: 10mg (1 Piece)

Servings Per Container: 10

Calories 27, Fat Cal. 17,

Total Fat 1.96g (1.5% DV),

Sat. Fat 1.1g (5.84% DV),

Trans Fat 0g, Cholest. 0mg (0% DV),

Sodium 0.2mg (0.8% DV),

Total Carb. 2.4g (0.8% DV),

Fiber 0.7mg (2.8% DV),

Sugar 1.3g,

Protein 0.4g (1% DV),

Vitamin A (0% DV), Vitamin C (0% DV), Calcium (0.3% DV), Iron (4.3% DV)

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