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MÜV Lozenges - Green Apple, Orange and Wildberry 1:1

MÜV Lozenges burst with natural fruit flavors, delivering medical cannabis that slowly melts in your mouth. The hard candy texture allows patients to truly savor the flavor, and benefit from sublingual activation of cannabinoids, which may hasten the onset of effects.

Infused with premium MÜV Cannabis Distillate in the MÜV Kitchen, citrus Orange, tart Green Apple and mildy sweet Wildberry flavors effectively mask the taste and smell of marijuana. Our process and formulation yield consistent dosing, reliable effects and an exceptionally tasty gluten-free and vegan marijuana edible.

One lozenge is 10 mg of active ingredient. The 10 pack of individually wrapped lozenges provides 100 total mg THC per container for Green Apple and Orange and 50 mg THC and 50 mg CBD for the Wildberry 1:1 formulation.

Because Lozenges are a hard candy, they cannot be broken to achieve a smaller dose. It is recommended that those new to edibles begin with Wana Soft Chews, which can be cut in half for a less potent 5 mg dose.

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Net Weight


Active Ingredients

Cannabis Distillate

Inactive Ingredients

Green Apple: Sugar, Powdered Corn Syrup, Water, Natural and ArtificialFlavors  

Orange: Sugar, Powdered Corn Syrup, Water, Natural Flavors, MalicAcid  

Wildberry 1:1 THC/CBD : Sugar, Powdered Corn Syrup, Water,Natural and Artificial Flavors 

Recommended Dose

Green Apple, Orange: 1 lozenge equals 10mg THC  

Wildberry 1:1 THC/CBD 1 lozenge equals 5 mgTHC and 5 mg CBD  


100% THC Orange and Green Apple

1:1 THC:CBD Wildberry

Supply Cost

$2 per lozenge

30-day supply: $60
50-day supply: $100
70-day supply: $140



MÜV Lozenges
MÜV Lozenges

Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Lozenges

How many cannabis lozenges should I take?

1 lozenge is the recommended dose. For first-time users, this format may not be the best choice, since lozenges cannot be easily broken into even pieces for lighter dosing. An edible product such as MÜV Chocolates can be easily broken into doses of 5mg or less.

What is the onset time of cannabis lozenges?

This varies from person to person, but it is always longer than with other forms of cannabis delivery. At least 30-60 minutes should be expected, and it can be longer. Patients need to be aware of this lag so they can avoid the common mistake of taking more in the belief that they didn’t take enough.

Note, sublingual onset is faster than the onset of cannabinoids processed via the GI tract through swallowing. Lozenges can easily have both kinds of processing, so patients should be made to understand the difference. Many will prefer the faster onset from leaving the lozenge under the tongue, for example.

Are MÜV Lozenges strain-specific?

Small amounts of terpenes are present in the distillate oil used, but terpenes are reintroduced in MÜV Lozenges, so this not considered a strain-specific product. They are also not categorized by sativa, hybrid, or indica.

What is the shelf life of medical marijuana lozenges?

One year.

Can it be dispensed under Oral/Sublingual route?

No, per DOH guidelines, Lozenges may only dispensed under the Edible route.

How do you store the cannabis lozenges?

Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration will not affect the potency, but it is not required.

Are there nuts or allergens present?

While they are gluten-free and vegan, the lozenges may contain trace amounts of nuts, milk, or gluten from the production process, so we cannot guarantee allergen safety.

Can I buy cannabis edibles online?

While you cannot purchase marijuana edibles online, you can reserve them for pickup or delivery online here.

Where can I learn more about MÜV Medical Marijuana Lozenges?

You can find more details about MÜV Lozenges and other MÜV Edibles here.

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