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MÜV Live Resin Cannabis Cartridges

Live Resin Cannabis Cartridges are crafted with flash-frozen buds to produce a high-terpene, live hash oil with a slightly viscous consistency and a blast of flavor. The hydrocarbon-extracted concentrate provides robust cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid content to produce the entourage effect and full-spectrum benefits. Live resin will appear very light yellow – almost clear – to light gold in the cartridge depending on the strain extracted. Vaping Live Resin carts will smell very pungent, reminiscent of a dab upon exhale, with scent dissipating in minutes. This cart should taste exactly like taking a dab of live resin concentrate – expect a rapid onset of effects from the specific strain from which it’s extracted.

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Net Weight

500 mg

Active Ingredients

Activated cannabis extract

Inactive Ingredients


Recommended Dose

3 mg per 3-second inhale


100% THC

Supply Cost

30-day supply: $19.80
50-day supply: $39.60
70-day supply: $59.40

Contains ~167 doses per pen



MÜV Live Resin Cannabis Cartridges
MÜV Live Resin Cannabis Cartridges

Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Live Resin Carts

Are Live Resin Cartridges More Potent than Other Vapes?

Live resin carts could be considered harder hitting because of the added entourage effect benefits unlocked by esters and ketones extracted using LPGs versus ethanol.

The differences are starting material and solvent.  LPG extracts live material while ethanol is cured.  LPGs are less polar than ethanol, allowing for solubility of terpenes and flavonoids that do not dissolve in ethanol.  The same is true for ethanol and dissolving more polar compounds.

Ethanol cannot extract Live material because of moisture content of Live material. Ethanol and water are not compatible.

What is the Difference Between Live Resin Cartridges and Püre and Plus?

The extract in Pure and Pure Plus carts are extracted from cured plant material.  Different compounds are extracted due to the differences in solvent polarity and solubility.  Ethanol carts are also mostly distillate compared to Live carts that are mostly terp fractions.

Will the Cartridge fit any 510 Thread Battery?

Yes, the CCELL cartridges are universal 510 threaded, meaning no additional devices are necessary.

How is the Hydrocarbon Extraction process different from Ethanol Extraction for Live Resin Cartridges?

Hydrocarbon begins with fresh cut flower where Ethanol Extraction uses cured flower. While both deliver a multitude of effects, the terpenes, aroma and flavor are better preserved with hydrocarbon extraction.

Are the Cartridges Be Strain Specific?

Yes, the strains available in Live Resin cartridges are grown fresh at the MÜV Cultivation.

How Should I Store My Live Resin Cartridge?

Be sure to keep your cartridge in a cool, dark place to keep the cannabis vape optimal. Be sure to never leave it in your car, as high heat can cause the THC to degrade and the cartridge to leak.

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