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MÜV All-In-One Disposable Vape

MÜV All-in-One disposable vape pens deliver our highest quality cannabis oil through a convenient, ready-to-use product. At MÜV, we know that quality cannabis oil demands quality hardware. Therefore, MÜV All-in-One pens are reliable and consistent - they are free of buttons and feature robust ceramic atomizers. This is an ideal on-the-go product.

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Net Weight

300 mg

Active Ingredients

~210 mg THC

Inactive Ingredients

Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

Recommended Dose

3mg per 3 second inhalation


Varies by strain

Supply Cost

30-day supply: $10.50
50-day supply: $17.50
70-day supply: $24.50

Contains ~100 doses per pen



All-In-One Vape
All-In-One Vape

Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Disposable Cannabis Vapes

Do you use any cutting agents in your vapes?

No - we use cannabis-derived and botanical terpenes to achieve the required viscosity for vaping

Are these pulled from the strain specifically or reintroduced terpenes (like competitors)?

All-in-one disposable vapes consist of a distillate base for potency with a raw extract reintroduced pulled from the specific strain we are providing.

What is the potency?

Potency of All-in-Ones ranges between 70% and 85%.

How long will this pen last?

This is dependent on frequency of use by patients. On average, a 3-5 second inhalation is the equivalent of 3-5 mg dosed. Based on this, patients can expect 60-100 doses from MÜV All-in-Ones.

Do I need a battery for it?

The All-in-One does not require a battery - it is already built into the pen.

Do I just throw it away after use?

Yes, All-in-Ones are a one-time use product.

Can it be refilled?

No, the pen is finished once the cartridge is depleted

Do you have larger sizes?

We do not carry larger sizes in the All-in-Ones - we do, however, carry 500 mg cartridges.

Do the strains always change?

The strains of All-in-Ones are dependent on what was recently harvested at the MÜV by AltMed Cultivation Facility.

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