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MÜV THC Oral Spray

MÜV Oral Spray offers an easy-to-dose option for smoke-free delivery of medical cannabis, giving patients a reliable microdosing option.

This sublingual delivery method is easy-to-titrate and provides a full-body effect with rapid onset – simply spray under the tongue, hold for a moment and swallow. Oral Spray delivers isolated cannabinoids and has a mild orange mint flavoring.

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Net Weight


Active Ingredients

1 bottle contains a total of 250 mg THC and <25 mg CBD, with 75 total doses per bottle

Inactive Ingredients

(All Natural): Medium Chain Triglycerides, Ethanol, Natural Terpenes, and Propylene Glycol

Recommended Dose

1.6 mg per spray


~250 mg THC

Supply Cost

30-day supply: $42.00
50-day supply: $70.00
70-day supply: $98.00

Contains ~30 mL doses per bottle



THC Oral Spray
THC Oral Spray

Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Oral Spray

How many mg per spray?

1.9 mg THC

What is the difference in oral spray vs. tinctures?

MÜV Tinctures use patent-pending EVOLVE encapsulation technology for a quick onset of effects. MÜV Oral Spray is not encapsulated.

How much will I have to use to feel effect?

The Oral Spray doses at 1.9 mg, which is considered a microdose and may have minimal psychoactivity. Due to its low dose, this product is optimal for stacking products. For some patients, this microdose may not be enough to achieve desired effects. Always remember to start low and go slow when dosing! You can always add a dose, but you can’t take one back.

How long will it last?

Effects of the Oral Spray typically last 3-5 hours.

Does it have a flavor?

Oral Spray has a soft orange-mint flavor.

Does it warm the mouth like the tincture?

The Oral Spray does not have the same warmth of the Tincture.

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