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MÜV RSO Cannabis Syringe

MÜV RSO is a whole-plant extract that contains all the naturally occurring compounds found in the cannabis plant. As such, this product provides an array of natural medicines including cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, chlorophyll, and lipids.

RSO is traditionally consumed orally (either on its own or with food) and is reported to provide sedative effects. Also, topical application has been shown to heal skin lesions, as well as provide potential anti-cancerous properties.

The product is housed in a measured-dose syringe to provide patients accurate dosing. Be sure to take on a full stomach.

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Net Weight


Active Ingredients

MÜV  Measured Dose Syringes contain 1000 mg active ingredient extracted from Cannabis  spp. plants meticulously grown without the use of harmful pesticides.

Inactive Ingredients


Recommended Dose

Oral: 25 mg per “rice-sized” piece
Topical: 25 mg per “rice-sized” piece


~750 mg THC

Supply Cost

30-day supply: $41.40
50-day supply: $69.00
70-day supply: $96.60




Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis RSO

What does RSO look like - color and texture?

RSO is very dark, almost black, and is very viscous and sticky.

How is RSO administered?

RSO Cannabis Syringe can be administered orally, with food or directly into the mouth, or topically.

What is the recommended oral dose for beginners?

A grain of rice is equivalent to approximately 25 mg. Beginners should start with half of this dose.

Is RSO a good sleep aid?

RSO is known for its generally sedative effects, and is often recommended for sleep for this reason.

Is RSO used for pain?

According to MÜV Patients, pain relief is most often achieved with high-THC RSO.

Can a person overdose on RSO?

RSO can cause intense effects. Patients should always begin slowly and record the effects to determine the best dose and results for them.

Should I eat before taking RSO?

Taking RSO on a full stomach helps the active ingredients break down for a quicker onset time (roughly 45 minutes).

What does "Full Spectrum" and "Entourage Effect" Mean?

Full spectrum indicates all components of the cannabis plant are included in the extract, allowing for the entourage effect, in which all medicinal benefits of the plant are shared systemically.

Can RSO be inhaled?

No; it contains the fats, lipids, chlorophyll and other marijuana components that should not be inhaled. RSO is intended for oral and topical use.

Can RSO be taken daily?

Dosing regimen is dependent on patient and physician recommendation.

What are the benefits of RSO?

Some of the reported benefits of using RSO have been publicized in relation to cancer treatments. In fact, Rick Simpson, for whom the oil is named, reportedly used his extract to treat his own skin cancer. As a concoction high in THC, RSO has also been said to have benefits that include treating arthritis, insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, and a variety of other major diseases.

How can I use RSO Cannabis Syringe?

RSO can be dosed orally - either directly into the mouth or measured on top of food - or applied topically.

Can I cook with it?

Yes, RSO can be used to infuse foods. Be sure not to bring the temperature higher than 325°F to ensure the cannabinoids, terpene profile and other desired components remain intact.

What is the difference in strains?

THC and CBD content will vary with strain, but the primary difference is terpene profile. Each strain has a terpene profile unique to that strain, which are the drivers in effects.

How long will the syringe last?

If dosing at 25 mg, the syringe will last for 40 doses.

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