Strain-Specific RSO Tincture

Delivering approximately twice as much THC as our MÜV Encapsulated Tinctures, MÜV Strain-specific RSO Tinctures offer the full complement of terpenes and cannabinoids unique to each strain used.

MÜV RSO Tincture offers an ideal way to ease into RSO for patients who haven’t tried that potent form of cannabis. Dropper-based dosing allows patients to gradually increase the dosage to find just the right level for their unique symptom relief, with even finer control than is found with syringe-based delivery.

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Net Weight

600 mg per bottle

Active Ingredients

1 bottle contains 600mg THC and

Inactive Ingredients

Medium Chain Triglycerides, Sunflower Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil

Recommended Dose

1 drop (1mg)


varies by strain

Supply Cost

30 day Supply Cost: $65.00

50 Day Supply Cost: $108.50

70 Day Supply Cost $ 151.90



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Frequent Questions

How does it differ from the other MÜV Tinctures?

This is a full-spectrum, oil-based tincture that does not use encapsulation technology or ethanol, as with other available MÜV tinctures. In addition to containing THC, RSO Tincture contains the full plant extract. The full plant extract contains a full terpene profile, major and minor cannabinoids, and also some extra plant material not found in distillate-based products.

How will this non-encapsulated Tincture affect patients compared to the encapsulated Tinctures?

The Strain-Specific Cannabis Tincture can be dosed orally, sublingually, or taken with food or beverage and will be absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). For patients with a stronger tolerance, this product will be double the MG of our standard tincture, with up to 20 MG per full dropper.

Is there alcohol/ethanol in the tinctures?

There is only the slightest trace amount in this product. There is ethanol used in the extraction process but that is mostly dried off before the extract is added to the oils in this tincture. If there was any ethanol left in this tincture it would be somewhere around/below 0.1%.

Why would patients want RSO Tincture?

For patients looking for a full-spectrum RSO in a specific strain, tincture provides an easy way to gradually dose until the achieved effect is reached and is easier to work with than a rice sized portion from the syringe. Capsules are 25 mg and are not for beginners.

How would the effects of RSO Tincture best be described?

The effects of oral delivery can be delayed up to 2 hours and can last 6-8 hours. Common effects of THC include euphoria, relaxation, sedation, increased appetite, and nausea reduction while side effects can include decreased blood pressure, anxiety, or paranoia. Common effects of CBD include relaxation, sedation, and alertness, depending on dose amount and individual. Lethal overdose has never been reported with THC cannabis use.

What is the flavor and texture?

This product uses a peppermint flavor to help mask the strong cannabis flavor imparted by the Strain-specific RSO. The consistency is a very fluid oil.