MÜV Live Ice Water Extraction Rosin

MÜV Live Ice Water Extraction Rosin is the pinnacle of cannabis concentrates. Cannabis flower is harvested and immediately frozen to retain the plant’s living terpene profile. Trichomes are isolated from the flash-frozen whole flower using ice water extraction, which removes the resinous trichomes without bringing unwanted plant material. These trichomes are dried, then pressed using only heat and pressure. The result is a solventless, full-spectrum, true-to-flower concentrate.

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Net Weight

1 gram (1000 mg)

Active Ingredients

Product contains approximately 750 mg Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and

Inactive Ingredients


Recommended Dose

25 mg per “rice-sized” piece
40 doses per unit


THC ~750 mg

Supply Cost

Cost per dose: $2.37
30-Day: $71.25
50-Day: $118.75
70-Day: $164.50



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Frequent Questions

Why is it a higher price point than Dry Sift?

Live Rosin is higher due to three key production points. First, the plant is flash-frozen prior to extracting trichomes. This preserves the living chemical profile of the plant, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The resulting product after trichomes are pressed smells and tastes just like the flower it was extracted from. Second, we use ice water extraction to create what is referred to as bubble hash. IWE removes the trichomes from whole, wet flower. Because the flower is wet, the trichomes are removed without the potential of bringing plant material with them, resulting in a pure, stable product. Finally, the use of whole flower for concentrates is known as nug run. Nug run concentrates are known to produce higher quality product due to the use of high quality, whole flower, as opposed to flower that is a byproduct from harvest.

Is Live Rosin full spectrum?

Yes, Live Rosin is a full spectrum product. Because MÜV flash freezes the plant shortly after harvest, the chemical fingerprint of the plant is still intact on the harvested flower. This allows for the majority of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. to make its way into the final Live Rosin product, providing the full entourage effect.

Why does Live Rosin occur in different shades?

Live Rosin can appear different shades of golden, cream, or tan due to the terpene profile of the strain extracted. Also note that as the product changes, and if it is not stored properly, it may become darker in appearance.

How should Live Rosin be stored?

Live Rosin should be stored in a cool, dark place. If you tend to keep your home warm, it is recommended to place Live Rosin in the refrigerator.

How do you consume Live Rosin?

MÜV Live Rosin is best consumed with a concentrate vaporizer, such as the G Pen Nova or G Pen Connect. Concentrate vaporizers have the capacity to heat MÜV Live Rosin to the temperature necessary to activate cannabinoids for potent relief. If combustion is still preferred, please note that MÜV Live Rosin should be added to MÜV Premium Flower for best consumption.