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MÜV Live Diamonds

Carefully selected MÜV strains of whole, fresh-frozen flowers are transformed into the crowning jewel of concentrates – MÜV Live Diamonds.

The full spectrum marijuana concentrate is crafted using the hydrocarbon extraction process. After extraction, low heat and pressure are applied to the resulting extract, allowing THCA compounds to congregate together. This “crash out” of THCA isolates the cannabis compound, which interlock to take the form of marijuana diamonds that, when activated by heat, can reach up to 99.9% THC. The rest of the marijuana compounds coalesce into a full spectrum terp sauce, which is initially separated from marjuana diamonds, then reintroduced to a more balanced consistency for dabbing.

When shopping for diamond jewels, jewelers showcase some of their best diamonds referring to their worth based on cut, clarity, carat, and color. With Live Diamonds we use the 4P’s – potency, purity, palate-pleasing, and picturesque.

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Net Weight

1.0 g - 1000 mg

Active Ingredients

Approximately 750 mg THC and <25 mg CBD

Inactive Ingredients


Recommended Dose

25 mg (~4mm sphere about the size of a rice grain)


Approximately 75-90% THC and 10-25% CBD

Supply Cost

Cost per dose $2.00

30-day supply: $60
50-day supply: $100
70-day supply: $140



MÜV Live Diamonds
MÜV Live Diamonds

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