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Fully activated, premium distillate that can be administered orally with a simple syringe or can be inhaled through vaporization. This potent, isolated oil is often the base for cooking, but regardless of delivery method, it is a potent option with a rapid onset known to provide systemic relief.

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Net Weight

1 gram -1000 mg

Active Ingredients

Product contains approximately 750 mg Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and

Inactive Ingredients


Recommended Dose

Oral: 25 mg per “rice-sized” piece
Vaporizing: 3-5 mg per inhalation


THC ~750 mg

Supply Cost

30-day supply: $60.00
50-day supply: $100.00
70-day supply: $140.00

40 doses per Syringe



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Frequent Questions

How is distillate made?

It is distilled through an ethanol extraction process to separate cannabinoids like THC and CBD to create a pure and refined product.

What is the texture?

It is a sappy, sticky texture.

What is the color?

It is an almost clear concentrate.

Is distillate typically high in potency?

Distillates can be higher than 90% THC

Is outside testing done?

3rd party testing is done for all MÜV products to ensure the safest medication is brought to Florida patients.

Can it be eaten?

MÜV Distillate is activated, so it can be dosed orally for edible-like effects (with a slower onset time).

What does hybrid mean? Is it indica or sativa leaning?

There are minimal reintroduced terpenes in MÜV Distillate and, because terpene profile dictates the strain, it is neither indica nor sativa due to the very minimal terpene content.

Are there terpenes?

Yes – but not enough to drive strain-specific effects.

What is the difference of distillate vs. rso?

Distillate contains activated THC for vaping or oral ingestion, with only cannabinoids present in the distillate. RSO is a FECO extract - it contains all parts of the cannabis plant in concentrated form. This includes chlorophyll, fats and lipids, making it for oral or topical use only. RSO is considered an extremely medicinal item in the world of medical cannabis, and known for its healing properties.