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MÜV Cannabis Crumble

MÜV Crumble is a strain-specific, highly potent ethanol extract that resembles a honeycomb. With a light and airy texture, Crumble is ideal for vaporizing. Please note, appropriate delivery methods are required to activate concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes.

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Net Weight

1000 mg (1 g)

Active Ingredients

Product contains approximately 750 mg Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

Inactive Ingredients


Recommended Dose

25 mg per “rice-sized” piece
40 doses


THC ~750 mg
CBD varies by batch

Supply Cost

30-day supply: $48.90
50-day supply: $81.50
70-day supply: 114.10

Contains ~40 doses per gram




Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Crumble

What does Crumble look like?

Crumble is a crumble like consistency, very similar to a cookie. The structure of Crumble resembles a honeycomb due to air pockets created during the formulation process.

How long will a gram of Crumble last?

It depends on your tolerance level or how much you need to feel the effects. Due to this, it is different for everyone.

How should Crumble be stored?

Room temperature, with low humidity - preferably a cool, dark pace.

What is the difference between oil and Crumble?

The primary difference is the consistency and the process to make it. Cannabis oil tends to be a sap-like, sticky consistency, whereas Crumble is dry and texturized, like a honeycomb.

How is Crumble made?

When the oil is still in a liquid format, before it is poured onto slabs and put into the oven, it is whipped with a whisk to add air bubbles. This allows the Crumble to gain the honeycomb-like texture that patients see in product.

Is Crumble Indica or Sativa?

Crumble is a strain-specific product, so the indica/sativa/hybrid classification is dependent on the strain purchased.

Is Crumble potent?

Yes - Crumble is considered a macrodose product. A grain of rice piece of Blue is the equivalent to a roughly 25 mg dose.

Can Crumble be smoked by itself?

Yes - many patients vape Crumble using a concentrate pen like the Puffco Plus or Terp Pen, or with a traditional dab rig on its own, or added to smokable flower.

What does it taste like?

The taste of Crumble is going to be dependent on the strain consumed - for example, Pootie Tang tastes more piney, whereas GhostRider OG is more of a sweet flavor.

How can Crumble be used?

Many patients vape Crumble using a concentrate pen like the Puffco Plus or Terp Pen, or with a traditional dab rig on its own. It can also be added to smokable flower to combust.

Can it be eaten?

No effects will be felt from oral consumption of Crumble in its original state as heat is required to activate the cannabinoids present.

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