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What is a Concentrate Device?

Cannabis concentrates are an intriguing topic, by name alone. Shatter what? Crumble, how? Dab – the dance? Live Rosin – a living version of what’s used to moisturize string instruments?! And don't get us started on the vaporizer devices used to consume them.

These potent forms of medical marijuana are some of the most concentrated forms of the plant, hence the term “concentrate,” and deserve a quick discussion. On average, a grain of rice-sized dose of Shatter, Crumble or Live Rosin is a whopping 25 mg of THC, or 5x’s the dose of a vape pen.

In the case of MÜV Shatter and Crumble, cold ethanol is used to extract a strain’s THC, CBD and minor cannabinoids, along with terpenes. Both begin as a viscous liquid that end in a vacuum oven, to remove residual solvents and stabilize the product. Shatter is poured directly onto slabs for the oven, while crumble is whipped and agitated, then poured. The result for Shatter is a thin, brittle consistency that shatters like the top of crème brûlée, whereas Crumble is dry and airy with a honeycomb texture, and quite literally crumbles when manipulated. Live Ice Water Extract (IWE) Rosin, on the other hand, does not use ethanol. In fact, it doesn’t use any solvents - what it does use is an ice water bath.  

Trichomes, or the mushroom-shaped hairs that give cannabis it’s frosty appearance, are collected from whole flower in an ice water bath. The trichomes are dried, sifted and then pressed using only heat and pressure, resulting in the expression of a cannabis oil with the full aroma, flavor, and terpene profile of the cannabis strain extracted. The texture of Live IWE Rosin varies depending on the strain and ranges from a cake batter to cookie dough-like texture.  

Now that we have an understanding of concentrates, let’s dig into concentrate devices.

What is a Concentrate Vaporizer?

There are several types of concentrate devices in this 21st century of cannabis, and they have come a long way from the dab (the colloquial term for medicating with a marijuana concentrate) rigs and blow torches of the past. The rigs and torches, understandably so, gave cannabis concentrates and dabs a bad rep. Concentrate vaporizers are rewriting that narrative.

There are two types of concentrate vaporizers: dab pens and electronic dab rigs.

Dab pens are most comparable to THC oil vapes in size. Patients can choose from a version with exposed coils, where you inhale on the mouthpiece and apply the coil directly to the concentrate, referred to as a nectar collector. Both versions utilize a battery typically encased in stainless steel. The second version uses a tank or bowl as the heating element. Where a cartridge would typically be attached, a tank or bowl connects. They are typically empty and require what is called a dab tool for easiest loading of the concentrate into the device.  

Portable electronic rigs are, naturally, most comparable to dab rigs – but without the use of a blow torch! A portable rig has a water filtration system in it to provide dabs as smooth and flavorful as a traditional dab rig. E-rigs go a step further from dab pens that use colored temperature settings; portable dab rigs, instead, use price temperatures.

We have three concentrate vaporizers at MÜV: the Terp Pen, Puffco Plus and G Pen Roam.  

Terp Pen Vaporizer

The Terp Pen from Boundless is arguably one of the easiest concentrate vaporizers to use and, as such, is ideal for newcomers to the consumption method. The pen is draw-activated, nectar collector (most comparable to a straw) style and is hardly larger than an ink pen. The Terp Pen is encased in stainless steel to protect the 300mAh battery, which lasts roughly 50 draws per charge. Patients should note that the Terp Pen uses ceramic coils wrapped in medical grade stainless steel as the heating element. Coils such as these are best used with Shatter and Crumble, as the creamier texture of Live Rosin may clog them.

There are three ways you can consume concentrates with the Terp Pen:

  • Remove the cap and draw on the Terp Pen. After LED light is solid, lightly graze the coil onto the concentrate for desired dose.
  • Load the desired dose onto the dab tool (included), remove the cap and draw on the Terp Pen. After LED light is solid, apply coils directly and consume desired dose.
  • Remove the cap and place desired dose of the concentrate directly onto the coils. Replace the cap, and draw on the Terp Pen.

Cleaning the device is recommended once a week and is simple as taking the unit apart and wiping it down with isopropyl alcohol. Replacement coils are available and should be changed monthly. To charge the Terp Pen, use the charger that came in the package; the blue light will be on while the device is actively charging and turn green when fully charged, approximately 45-60 minutes.

Puffco Plus Vaporizer

If you are a more experienced cannabis user and prefer more options with a portable device, the Puffco Plus pocket nail is for you. The device comes fully assembled with USB charger, cotton swabs and a grip included. The cutting-edge hardware is encased in fingerprint-resistant steel-alloy and uses a coil-less ceramic bowl to evenly heat concentrates with no risk of overheating. The unique mouthpiece features a silicone tip that, when pressed down, expands the dab tool. After loading the concentrate with the extended dart, as Puffco refers to the tool, press down as you screw the mouthpiece onto the tank.  

To power on the Puffco Plus, click the Puffco logo five times. There are three heat settings to choose from: Blue or low, best for Live Rosin and Crumble; Green or medium, best for Crumble or Shatter; and Red or high, best for Shatter. To cycle through these heat settings, press the Puffco logo four times.

There are two ways to consume concentrates with the Puffco Plus:

  • Load the desired dose into the device. Press and hold the button on the device. After allowing the device to heat for one second, inhale long and slow on the Plus while holding the pen vertical.
  • Load the desired dose into the device. Click the Puffco button twice to begin a “sesh mode” - 12 seconds of continuous heating. Wait one second before inhaling long and slow while holding the pen vertical.

Because this is a pocket nail, be sure to wipe the ceramic bowl with a dry cotton swab after each session; do the same with the gold pieces that connect the ceramic bowl to the battery. To deep clean your Puffco Plus, disassemble the ceramic bowl and mouthpiece, ensuring to remove the dart. Soak the pieces isopropyl alcohol until no residue is left.  

To charge the Puffco Plus, remove the ceramic bowl and attach to the USB charger that came with the device. A red light indicates the Plus is charging, green indicates it is fully charged, which takes approximately 45 minutes and lasts 30 high-heat, extended-draw sessions.

G Pen Roam Vaporizer

The Roam is the crown jewel of G Pen devices. It comes packaged in a hemp carrying case that contains the fully assembled device, two concentrate dram jars, cotton swabs, dab tool and USB charger. The Roam is a fully portable dab rig with a full-quartz tank for superior flavor and even heating, and a magnetic cap that functions as a carb cap. One of the prime features of the Roam is the spill-proof water tube housed in the device; it allows for further filtering of the concentrate for a pleasant medicating experience.  

The Roam features temperature-specific heating to truly tailor your medicating experience, ranging from 400°F to 800°+F. It takes mere seconds for the device to heat, with haptic feedback (through a soft vibration) indicating when to begin drawing from the device.  

To power on the Roam, click the round button at the front of the device five times. Use the LED display screen and up and down arrows on the side of the device to adjust to your desired temperature. For Live Rosin, this will be approximately 600°F - 675°F, Crumble approximately 600°F - 675°F, Shatter 675°F - 725°F.  

There are two ways to vaporize your concentrate with the Roam:

  • Load the desired dose into the quartz tank. After setting desired temperature, press and hold the button at the front of the device. A vibration indicates the concentrate is ready to be vaporized and can be consumed for ten seconds.  
  • Load the desired dose into the quartz tank. After setting desired temperature, click the button at the front of the device twice for automatic heat activation. The device will vibrate when ready and will actively heat the concentrate for 30 seconds. The Roam will vibrate at the end of the session to indicate it is no longer heating.

Because this is an electronic rig, be sure to swipe the quartz tank with a dry cotton swab. For a deeper, yet quick, clean, set the device to max heat (indicated with a lightning bolt) and swipe with a dry cotton swab. For deepest clean, take apart the tank, battery, spill-proof tube and soak in isopropyl alcohol. Before medicating next, activate an automatic heat activation session to burn off any residual alcohol.

To charge your Roam, use the USB charger that came with the device. The LED screen will indicate with a lightning bolt that the device is charging, and will display a fully charged battery when the Roam is charged. It takes approximately 90 minutes to achieve a full charge, and lasts fifteen automatic heat actviation sessions.  

Feeling like a dab pro? If not, do not fear! Your MÜV MedTenders are happy to guide you through the world of concentrates at your next visit. For burgeoning questions, connect with Patient Care via live chat by opening the bubble on the bottom right of your screen, by phone at 833-880-5420, or email at support@altmed.co

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Danyal Swan

Danyal Swan is a Content Editor and Writer for MÜV Florida. Swan is a true believer in the healing power of cannabis, so much so that she moved across the country to join the MÜV Florida team. She quickly grew from her roles as Receptionist and Medtender due to her continuous dedication to self-education on the cannabis plant. Swan holds a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Iowa.

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