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MÜV Seniors Spotlight

Danyal Swan

Seniors aged 55+, we have more for Ü this July. Join your local MÜV Dispensary each Sunday (Saturdays in Sarasota ONLY) for Seniors Spotlight. July 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th are your days to engage with MÜV MedTenders in consultations and program coaching, with some extra savings, too!

Find Confidence in Consultations

Personalized medicine routines require personalized care, that’s where MÜV Patient Consultations come in. Consultations are conducted one-on-one with your MedTender in a private room to ensure patient confidentiality. Our educated and experienced MedTenders work with you to learn what you are trying to achieve with your medical cannabis routine, the consumption method you are most comfortable with, and identify the MÜV Products that may best suit those needs.

Each Sunday in July, Consultations are exclusive to MÜVers 55+. Schedule yours today with MÜV Patient Support or your local MÜV MedTender to personalize your cannabis routine, and to explore MÜV partnerships and programs.  

More for Ü with MÜV Programs

Finding the cannabis products that suit your medical needs can take time, especially considering the number of consumption methods available – transdermal, topical, inhalation, low-THC and high-CBD to name a few. Consultations are a great way to start your cannabis routine, but to truly identify the products best for your symptom management, journaling the products and their effects is imperative. We want every patient to find success with MÜV Products, that’s why MÜV has partnered with Strainprint to make tracking the efficacy of MÜV Products easier.

Strainprint is a cannabis journaling app that makes tracking the efficacy of MÜV Products as simple as tapping buttons within the app. At sign up, patients are prompted to indicate the symptoms or conditions they are treating. When tracking medicating sessions, patients indicate the symptom they are treating and the severity of the symptom, as well as the product used. Roughly 20 minutes after beginning your session, Strainprint notifies you to indicate symptom severity. Patients are then able to refer back to previous medicating sessions to filter by what product has been most effective for specific symptoms. Patients earn points in Strainprint with each session logged to be redeemed for exclusive Strainprint rewards. And speaking of rewards…

We love our patients; among finding success with MÜV Products, we want you to feel valued. In May, MÜV launched Ü Points – a robust rewards program with the patient in mind. For every dollar spent, patients earn one Ü Point. Patients can redeem points after earned, or let points accumulate for bigger rewards! Through your rewards wallet, where your rewards are stored, you can add your birthday for your birthday discount, and indicate your email preferences. To get started today, text “Join MUVFL” to 813-322-6335.

Seniors Spotlight on Sundays are a great way to learn more about Strainprint and Ü Points with your MÜV MedTender, who can even assist in setting up your profile!


Seniors have something more to celebrate on Sundays – MÜVers aged 55+ will receive a 20% discount on their entire purchase. That’s double savings every Sunday in July!

Seniors, we invite you to come learn, engage and save with MÜV Dispensary.

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Danyal Swan

Danyal Swan is a Content Editor and Writer for MÜV Florida. Swan is a true believer in the healing power of cannabis, so much so that she moved across the country to join the MÜV Florida team. She quickly grew from her roles as Receptionist and Medtender due to her continuous dedication to self-education on the cannabis plant. Swan holds a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Iowa.

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