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MÜV Live Rosin Cannabis Vape

MÜV Live Rosin vape cartridges bring together the benefits of full spectrum Live Rosin with the convenience of a vape cart.  Freshly harvested plants are flash frozen and washed in ice water to preserve the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids and only heat and pressure are used to create the extract. The potency, color, flavor and aroma are dictated by the specific strain providing the truest flower experience in a vape.

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Net Weight

0.5 g

Active Ingredients

Live Rosin Cannabis Extract

Inactive Ingredients


Recommended Dose

2 inhalations, 3-5 mg per 3 second inhalation


400 mg THC and <12.5 mg CBD

Supply Cost

167 doses - recommended dose 2 times daily

Cost per dose. $1.25

30-day supply: $75.00
50-day supply: $125.00
70-day supply: $175.00



MÜV Live Rosin Cannabis Vape
MÜV Live Rosin Cannabis Vape

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