72 Hour THC Transdermal Patches

The MÜV Transdermal 72 Hour THC Patch is an ideal option for patients seeking smoke-free, steady-release medical cannabis. THC is an effective natural medicine for such ailments as chronic pain, muscle spasticity, nausea, and many more. It also produces the euphoric feeling commonly associated with cannabis.

In creating MÜV Evolve Transdermal Patches, we combined our industry-leading formulations with state-of-the-art encapsulated delivery methods. Resultantly, they provide unmatched cannabinoid permeability, distributed in a controlled 72 hour release at 0.24 mg per hour. When removed, effects subside in 30 minutes. Finally, our patches are engineered for use in everyday life, they can be worn discreetly beneath clothes as well as in the shower.

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Net Weight

20 mg

Active Ingredients

20 mg THC

Inactive Ingredients

(All USP or Pharma-grade): Water, Ethanol, Acrylates Adhesive, Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether, Polysorbate 20, and Hydroxyethyl Cellulose within an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Membrane and Polyethylene Backing

Recommended Dose

One patch per 72 hours


THC ~20mg
CBD < 5mg

Supply Cost

30-day supply: $150.00
50-day supply: $250.00
70-day supply: $350.00

Each patch contains 72 hours of active ingredients



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Frequent Questions

Do these have psychoactive effects?

Depending on tolerance levels, the MÜV Transdermal Patch may have minimal psychoactivity.

How long can the patch be worn?

72 hours! You can wear this consistently through that time period, or remove the patch as-needed and re-stick the sticky side on the plastic the patch came in.

What is the adhesive made out of?


Can it be worn in the shower, at beach, pool, etc.?

Yes! It can! If it seems to lose its adhesiveness, secure it in place with medical tape.

Can it be removed and put back on?

Yes! If you stick your MÜV Cannabis Patch back onto the plastic of it’s packaging, it can be reapplied. If it doesn’t seem as adhesive, secure in place with medical tape.

Is it possible the medicine may last longer than 72hrs?

It is possible - but we recommend swapping your patch out at the recommended 72 hours, or moving the location you place it. Common application sites for MÜV Transdermal Patches include the upper arm, chest, abdomen, or any venous reGIOn with minimal hair. Prior to use, clean the application site with soap and water or rubbing alcohol, ensure that the skin is dried and intact before applying patch. Remove the clear liner to expose the adhesive (sticky) side of the backing and press patch firmly in place and hold using the palm of the hand for 30 seconds to ensure uniform adhesion. Typical onset time for MÜV (72 Hour Extended Release) Transdermal Patches are less than 30 minutes and delivery continues through 72 hours. Wear patch throughout dosing period; warm water (such as a hot shower) will help facilitate patch removal. Rubbing alcohol can be used to remove excess adhesive during application or after patch removal. Change application areas every three days if a new patch is to be applied.

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