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MÜV EVOLVE products give patients the ability to go deeper than the surface with cannabis medicine. Our patent-pending encapsulated technology products are available in the 72 Hour Transdermal Patch and Evolve Transdermal Gel. In addition, we offer these cutting-edge delivery methods in THC, CBD, and THC/CBD 1:1 formulations.

Because cannabinoids are fat-soluble, traditional cannabis topicals are slower acting and  ineffective for systemic relief. As such, with traditional topical products, minimal cannabinoids penetrate the body to a point of providing desired relief.

To circumvent issues with topicals, MÜV Transdermal Gel is ideal for macrodosing during flare ups while the MÜV Transdermal Patch offers a steady, consistent dose of cannabis medicine over a 72 hour period.

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