Cannabis Products


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MÜV Concentrates are fast-acting medicines that utilize cannabis in one of its most potent forms. By isolating cannabinoids from excess plant materials, we have created an extensive product catalog of concentrates. MÜV Concentrates are suited for a wide range of delivery methods and medical needs.

MÜV Shatter and Blue are made through our proprietary ethanol extraction method. This process ensures that valuable cannabinoids like THCA, as well as natural terpenes, are preserved for maximum benefits.

MÜV Rosin is a solventless extract that is made through simple heat and pressure. It’s valued by patients for its natural characteristics and strength.

MÜV Distillates are extremely pure cannabis oil concentrates that can be administered orally or inhaled.

MÜV RSO is a whole plant extract made from specific cannabis strains. It can be utilized with topical or oral delivery.

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