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Shattering the Stigma of Cannabis Concentrates

Do you find yourself taking more doses from your MÜV™ Vapes? Is MÜV Premium Cannabis Flower no longer giving the affects you seek? Concentrates may be your next step.

Almost every medical cannabis patient hits this plateau of effects. This is your tolerance raising; as you consume cannabis consistently, the amount needed to produce desired effects will increase. Think of consuming cannabis as caffeine – when you start drinking coffee, one cup may give the burst of energy you’re seeking, but as you consistently drink it, you notice you need a second cup, and maybe a third to achieve the effect of that very first cup (no? just me?).

Fortunately, cannabis has a more cost-effective way to increase dosing size than grabbing another cup of Dunkin’ or Starbucks: cannabis concentrates.

Cannabis concentrates are potent forms of cannabis made by extracting the beneficial cannabinoids, as well as the plant terpene profile. To best preserve the plant’s terpene profile, MÜV utilizes selective cold ethanol to produce concentrated forms of THC and CBD – you can learn more about the production process here. The resulting concentrates are 25 mg per grain of rice-sized dose – which is 5x’s more potent when compared to MÜV Vapes and Flower.

MÜV produces a variety of concentrates intended for vaporization, taking form in Shatter, Blue, Live Rosin and Distillate. The issue, however, does not lie within the concentrates themselves, but in how they’re consumed.


The stigma boils down to the heating method for consuming the concentrate. You can add these concentrates to your whole flower medication session, but to fully activate the cannabinoids and experience the flavor profile of the medication, the concentrate should be heated to above 350°F.  

In the past, the only way to achieve the high temperatures was with a water pipe known as a dab rig and a blow torch – but more on the torch in a minute. A dab rig is similar to a bong, but instead of holding a bowl in which to put the concentrates, it holds what’s called a banger. The banger is most commonly made of quartz in the industry, due to its ability to withstand high heat.

The blow torch is used to heat the quartz banger. This creates a touch-and-feel game with heating the piece – you hold the blowtorch about 6 inches away from your banger until it gets visibly hot. You then let the banger cool and monitor by holding your hand the same distance away from the banger as the torch; it should be hot, but not hot enough to burn your hand. After you identify the temperature you want to dab, load the concentrate with what’s known as a dab tool, a long tool typically made of stainless steel or glass, and inhale through the mouthpiece.

Fortunately, medical cannabis patients now have more user-friendly options for consuming the potent medicine. The e-nail was introduced to the market and made consuming concentrates much less intimidating. The electronic nail is attached to your banger, usually fitting snugly around the bottom, and allows users to set the temperature of which they wish to dab. E-nails do need plugged into an outlet, and the exposed nail truly does heat to the temperature set, so users must still exercise caution and always remember to fully turn off the e-nail (we also recommend unplugging to be completely cautious).

In the past two years, G Pen has completely revolutionized the concentrate consumption game and made it easier than ever to consume the potent medicine with the Nova, Connect and Roam.

The G Pen Nova is arguably the easiest device for newcomers to cannabis concentrates. It is powered by a 510-thread battery (that patients can use for MÜV Püre cartridges, too!) and features a ceramic atomizer in which to load your concentrates.

The Connect acts as a compact e-nail, though it has the benefit of the banger as part of the package! The Connect slips right into water pieces, and eliminates the hassle and worry of medicating with an exposed flame or nail. Both the Connect and Nova have three temperature settings, blue (low), green (medium) and red (high).

The crown jewel of the G Pen concentrate devices is arguably the Roam. It’s a fully portable concentrate system, with full-ceramic atomizer, and a spill-proof water tube housed in the device. The Roam features temperature-specific heating to truly tailor your medicating experience.

Concentrate devices are best cleaned after every session with a cotton swab, and deep-cleaned after every few sessions. To deep clean, soak your banger or ceramic atomizer from the G Pen devices in isopropyl alcohol (90% or higher) for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. Always be sure to burn off residual alcohol by preparing your piece for a session without loading your MÜV Concentrates.

Concentrates are truly a tailor-made product based on the temperatures consumed. Low temperatures tend to have a more robust flavor profile, while higher temperatures have larger vapor clouds, making the dosing of concentrates one based on patient preference. No matter the device or temperature you use, it’s key to remember to start with a low dose and slowly add more to future doses to achieve desired effects.


Now, for the good stuff. Meet the vaporizable MÜV Concentrates.

MÜV Shatter was the first cannabis concentrate offered to Florida patients at MÜV Dispensaries. After cannabinoids are extracted from the cannabis plant, the crude extract is poured onto slabs and placed in a vacuum oven. This step removes residual ethanol from the extraction process and stabilizes the extract into its final form: a clear, glass-like consistency that shatters like the top of crème brûlée when cracked with a spoon.

Think of MÜV Blue as the sibling of Shatter. While still in crude extract form, the extract is agitated and whipped, bringing air into it. The agitated extract is then poured onto slabs and placed in the vacuum oven, where it will rise similar to baking a soufflé. The final texture is dry and crumbly, and reminiscent to that of a honeycomb.

MÜV Distillate Syringe is the swiss army knife of cannabis concentrates. Crude extract is distilled to further isolate cannabinoids and terpenes (distillation). The resulting clear, relatively tasteless, yet very viscous and potent Distillate can be used orally, for effects and delayed onset times similar to an edible or consumed via inhalation for more immediate effects.

MÜV Live Rosin is an outlier in the world of concentrates, in that the extraction of cannabinoids is more of an expression. Trichomes, or the mushroom-shaped hairs that give cannabis it’s frosty appearance, are collected from whole flower in an ice water bath. The trichomes are then dried and pressed using only heat and pressure, resulting in the expression of a cannabis oil with full aroma, flavor, and terpene profile of the cannabis strain extracted.

Are you feeling like a concentrate expert now? If not – don’t fret! Your MÜV Medtenders and the Patient Care Team are always here to assist with your medical cannabis journey, including titrating up to concentrate consumption.

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Danyal Swan

Danyal Swan is a Content Editor and Writer for MÜV Florida. Swan is a true believer in the healing power of cannabis, so much so that she moved across the country to join the MÜV Florida team. She quickly grew from her roles as Receptionist and Medtender due to her continuous dedication to self-education on the cannabis plant. Swan holds a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Iowa.

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