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New Püre Black Mamba and Tangie

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Meet the newest Püre strains for your medicine arsenal: Black Mamba and Tangie.

Black Mamba is an indica strain with sweet, grape flavors emanating through vapor clouds. The strain was likely named after the deadly Black Mamba snake, originating in Africa, due to its heavy-hitting effects, according to Leafly. The strain is reported to provide happiness and euphoria upon consumption, that fades to a deep relaxation, and often sleep!

Tangie is a wildly popular sativa strain originating in Amsterdam, according to Leafly. Its popularity may be due to the uplifting effects of the strain, with patients reporting happy, energetic and creative effects. The strain lends peppery and herby flavor profiles, with notes of citrus, hence the name.  

Why expand the Püre line?

MÜV Püre has quickly become the most popular vaporizer line at MÜV. Maui Wowie and Blueberry stand out as the top-rated strains in the line, according to Strainprint, particularly with depression and insomnia symptoms. In fact, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the symptoms most tracked by MÜVers in Strainprint were insomnia and depression.

Tangie and Black Mamba target both of these growing patient symptoms and concerns. Tangie’s uplifting effects have been shown to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression, according to Leafly. Black Mamba, says Leafly, is not limited to assisting with relaxation and sleep – it, too, may ease stress, depression and anxiety.

As the uncertainties of the world around us continue, MÜV recognizes the need for products that will bring a sense of ease to our patients. It’s one way we are trying to provide more of what you want – more for Ü.

What is Püre?

Püre was the evolution of MÜV’s first two vape lines. While one cartridge had the high potency patients were seeking, it was not strain-specific; it lacked the essential terpenes that drive the strain-specific effects. While the strain-specific vape line provided terpenes, its potency was lower than the former.

MÜV values patient feedback – so much so, that we combined the best-rated parts of each vape line to introduce MÜV Püre as MÜV’s highest potency, strain-specific, distillate-based cartridge.

Enter for a Chance to Win!

What’s more exciting than two new MÜV Püre strains? A MÜV Püre prize package.

Yes, you read that right! To celebrate the addition of Püre Tangie and Püre Black Mamba, any MÜVer to visit our MÜV Dispensaries from June 5th – June 7th will be entered to win ALL SIX Püre cartridges and a MÜV battery – that’s a $315 value! One entry per patient. (See official rules)

Can’t make it in store? You might want to follow @muv.fl on Instagram. Patients that follow MÜV and tag a friend will be entered to win the Püre prize package – each tagged friend is a separate entry, with no limit!

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