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Meet MÜV Plus

The MÜV All-in-One is our most convenient medical cannabis vape option. Housed in a 300 mg CCELL® breath-activated disposable pen, it’s the ultimate grab-and-go product occurring in strains recently harvested from the MÜV Garden. It’s the top-selling vape at MÜV for a reason – that’s why we’re bringing more of the formulation you love in a new format.

MÜV Plus is the next generation of the All-in-One. It's the same oil we use in our All-in-One Vape Pen, drawn from our most recent harvests of flower, but in a 500 mg net weight cartridge.

The Process

The process for creating MÜV Plus (and All-in-One) begins with strain-specific extract which retains the terpenes and their complex qualities of the flower strain extracted. It is then combined with our potent distillate for the optimal vaping consistency. The result is a vape cartridge that mirrors the flavor profiles and overall effects experienced with MÜV Flower.

The Hardware

CCELL is renowned for its consistent products. The ceramic hardware houses the MÜV All-in-One and Püre strains and now, MÜV Plus. The 500 mg, 510 thread cartridge is compatible and recommended for use with the MÜV Vape Battery for best vaporization.  You can learn more about the benefits of ceramic-based CCELL in our MÜV All-in-One blog.

The Benefits

MÜV Plus has two highly beneficial features for patients: the rotating variety and value.

MÜV Plus Vape Cartridges are extracted from flower fresh from the MÜV Garden. As such, the selection of strains for patients rotates, resulting in a diverse variety for patients. This is great for exploring the terpene profiles, flavor profiles and varying effects expressed by MÜV strains.

The Plus provides an increase of milligrams for patients that prefer the All-in-One, but for whom the vape does not last long enough, providing nearly double the amount of dosing. Not only does it provide an extra 200 mg net weight when compared with the All-in-One, but the cartridges can be used with the permanent battery, reducing the waste produced from the vape lines.

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Danyal Swan

Danyal Swan is a Content Editor and Writer for MÜV Florida. Swan is a true believer in the healing power of cannabis, so much so that she moved across the country to join the MÜV Florida team. She quickly grew from her roles as Receptionist and Medtender due to her continuous dedication to self-education on the cannabis plant. Swan holds a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Iowa.

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