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Fast-Acting, Dosage-Controlled RSO Capsules

What is RSO?

RSO is a full-spectrum, high-THC, ethanol-extracted concentrate. It has a strong legacy of use for analgesic, sleep and possible anti-cancer effects.

Why capsule form?

Capsules offer some key advantages for the medical use of RSO. They are a smoke-free, inhalation-free method of ingestion in a familiar, easy-to-dose format. And given that there’s a delicate balance of compounds interacting in RSO, it is important not to lose any of these compounds, such as flavonoids, which are known to be reduced in inhalation methods.

The effects of the capsules are generally longer lasting than other methods. Traditionally capsules have a slower onset time, but MÜV EnCaps technology actually results in faster onset time due to improved cannabinoid absorption. Capsules also offer very precise dosing.

Encapsulation for Enhanced Bioavailability

Our unique micro-encapsulation process, MÜV EnCaps, takes the fatty, lipid-based cannabinoids, which are inherently not water-soluble, and makes them behave as water-soluble compounds by encapsulating them in a micelle ‘envelope’.

As a result, the RSO capsules are more readily available for absorption into the body. This also allows it to take effect faster.

Not for Beginners

It should be noted that RSO is a potent form of cannabis medication, and combined with the efficacy of our ethanol extraction and our encapsulation process which maximizes absorption, patients need to be cautious with trying RSO capsules.

For those who are relatively new to medical cannabis, an ideal path to RSO capsules is to begin by using the RSO Full Extract Oil available in the MÜV Measured Dose Syringe. This allows patients to start with smaller doses and to determine the level that works. If the benefits are being achieved at the 25 mg level, then the capsules are another patient option.

Recommended Dose: One capsule (25 mg)

Typical Onset Time: ~ 15 - 30 minutes  

Duration of Effects: ~ 4 - 6 hours  

Cost Per Bottle: $80 (750 mg)

* Vegan and gluten-free

Have questions? Contact our Patient Care Team.

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Danyal Swan

Danyal Swan is a Content Editor and Writer for MÜV Florida. Swan is a true believer in the healing power of cannabis, so much so that she moved across the country to join the MÜV Florida team. She quickly grew from her roles as Receptionist and Medtender due to her continuous dedication to self-education on the cannabis plant. Swan holds a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Iowa.

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