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Sophisticated design and discreet functionality make the Palm battery the most compact vaporizer yet. The Palm offers large battery capacity and a seamless magnetic connection with breath activation. It provides high-quality CCELL technology and exemplifies perfection in the vape experience. The Palm cannabis vape battery is compatible with Püre, Plus, and Live Resin cartridges.


  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • Height: 2.2in (55mm)
  • Width: 1.7in (42mm)
  • Depth: 0.5in (8.9mm)
  • USB Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
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Jupiter Palm
Jupiter Palm

Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Jupiter Palm Cannabis Vape

How do I install a cartridge?

Twist a MÜV (or 510 thread) cartridge clockwise onto magnetic adapter (included) until snug – do not overtighten. Slide the cartridge into the device until the magnet snaps into place.

How do I activate a cartridge?

Simply inhale on the mouthpiece (the exposed end of the installed cartridge) to activate. The LED will illuminate to indicate activation.

How long before the vaporizer will shut off during an inhalation?

It will stop producing vapor 10 seconds after the inhalation begins.

How do I know when the battery needs to be charged?

The vaporizer will no longer activate when the battery needs recharging. If the device is plugged into an active USB port or wall adapter and the light is not lit, it has a full charge.

How do I charge my device?

Insert the micro USB to the bottom of the Palm, then connect the USB adapter to a power adapter or an active USB port. While power supply is charging, the LED will light up and remain lit. Once the device reaches a full charge, the LED will ash 20 times and then turn off.

How do I clean my device?

Condensation and debris can accumulate on your vaporizer without appropriate product care. If your cartridge and battery feel like they are stuck together, pulling the cartridge out forcibly can result in damage to the cartridge. For best performance, prevent condensation by keeping the contact pins inside the device and on the bottom of the cartridge clean and dry. 1. Remove the Cartridge from the Power Supply. 2. Use a cotton swab dampened with isopropyl alcohol to clean the contact points. 3. Allow contact pins to dry thoroughly before use. • Avoid dropping the device. • Avoid exposure to moisture. • Do not attempt to repair or modify the device.

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