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MÜV Evolve THC Gel

MÜV Evolve is a cannabis transdermal option that delivers cannabinoid gel through the skin and directly to the bloodstream, thanks to patented EnCaps™ technology. This cutting-edge delivery method provides patients a metered application of cannabinoids, free of both smoke and inhalation. The THC gel formulation is ideal as a macrodose treatment for pain.

MÜV provides a discreet, metered pump for our transdermal gels. It delivers a 15 mg dose per pump and is small enough to fit in your pocket.

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Net Weight

15ml/0.5 fl. oz.

Active Ingredients

500mg THC

Inactive Ingredients

(All USP  or Pharma-grade): Purified Water, Ethanol, Oleic Acid, Propylene Glycol,  Polysorbate 20, Natural Terpenes, Triethanolamine, and Carbomer Polymer

Recommended Dose

One pump delivers 8mg active dose


500mg THC

Supply Cost

30-day supply: $58.50
50-day supply: $97.50
70-day supply: $136.50

Contains 33 total doses per bottle



Evolve THC Gel
Evolve THC Gel

Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Transdermal Gels

Is it psychoactive?

Evolve Transdermal Gel is psychoactive when it contains THC

How does it cross the blood-brain barrier?

THC and CBD are fat-soluble - with topicals such as PRC and Sports Gel, the cannabinoids only penetrate the upper levels of the fatty dermis, resulting in localized pain relief.

Patent-pending EVOLVE encapsulation technology utilizes a water-soluble gel to create a little envelope in which THC and CBD are then shuttled to the bloodstream. Once the shuttle hits the bloodstream, the cannabinoids are then released, resulting in fast-acting, systemic effects.

What is the potency?

One pump of Evolve Transdermal Gel is 15 mg.

How do I use it/where do I put it?

Where you put it is dependent on the effects you’re seeking.

Applying on a thin-skin, high blood flow area allows for maximum bloodstream penetration for systemic (full body) effects. Applying on your shoulder or back, for example, will provide a deeper, more localized pain relief, as the layers of the dermis are thicker.

What is this most effective for?

Patients report great effects in term of inflammation, nerve pain, and anxiety management.

How long will effects last?

Onset of effects is roughly 10-15 minutes, lasting from 2-4 hours.

Which options are most effective for various conditions (cbd, 1:1, or thc)?

THC has been shown to be an effective sleep aid; 1:1 is an ideal ratio for pain relief (THC targets pain, CBD targets inflammation); CBD is ideal for inflammation and anxiety

How many mg is in a pump?

Each pump is a 15 mg dose.

How long will this bottle last?

There are 33 pumps per Evolve Gel.

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