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MÜV Broker Stash Bag

The MÜV x Revelry Broker stash bag is ideal for patients who need to securely store their valuable personal items, including their essential MÜV cannabis products. This smell-proof and water-resistant bag is a must-have for all patients in need of easy access to their cannabis products. The stash bag features a lockable zipper encloser, which further helps to trap all tell-tale cannabis scents.


  • Discreet design, resembling a makeup bag or pencil pouch
  • Odor-absorbing, due to the carbon filter system
  • Durable, thanks to rubber-backing  
  • Real, genuine leather trim
  • External pocket, for easy lighter access
  • Divider, for organizing your cannabis essentials
  • Water resistant, for all of your Florida beach and fresh spring adventure
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$35.00 + tax (varies by market)

Broker Stash Bag
Broker Stash Bag

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