Cannabis Products

Group shot of MUV products


MÜV offers an extensive catalogue of topical medical cannabis products. Because not all pain and discomfort can be treated the same, we have gone to great lengths to create options for MÜV patients. For starters, our Sports Gel helps ease tension and muscle aches by combining cannabinoids with soothing arnica, making it an ideal pre- and post- activity treatment. MÜV Hydrating Lotion utilizes vitamin E and shea butter for tremendous moisturizing abilities, which complement the natural medicinal properties of THC and CBD. Finally, our Pain Relief Cream is infused with our highest topical ratios of both CBD and THC to soothe joints, feet, legs, and arms.  Although these products contain THC, they do not enter the bloodstream and therefore, do not cause psychoactive effects. For full body effects through topical application, look at the Transdermal Gel and Transdermal Patches.