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Oral Products

MÜV provides several orally consumable cannabis products for a smoke-free delivery experience. These easy-to-dose options come in Tinctures, Oral Sprays, and RSO that are offered in various THC and CBD formulations. The rapid onset of MÜV oral products, as well as their discreet delivery methods, make them a convenient way to consume cannabis medicine when needed.

MÜV Tinctures are formulated as full THC, full CBD, or a 1:1 ratio combination of both cannabinoids. Tinctures are encapsulated, allowing for sublingual dosing with rapid onset of effects, or dosing mixed with food or water.

MÜV Distillate is fully activated, premium distillate that can be administered orally with a simple syringe or can be inhaled through vaporization.

MÜV Oral Sprays are made strictly with THC and offer a great option for microdosing. To this end, oral sprays are great for new medical cannabis patients, or as an option to use in conjunction with other cannabis products.

MÜV RSO is made from whole-plant extracts and offered in a variety of THC and CBD combinations. This product is also made with specific cannabis strains and packaged with a measuring dose syringe for ease and accuracy in usage. It may be consumed sublingually or mixed with foods and liquids.

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