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MÜV All-in-One: Convenient, Potent Relief

Convenience. It’s one of the concepts people love most – from having food delivered, to online shopping, or even pre-chopped vegetables and fruits from the grocery store. With convenience usually comes a fee – but not with MÜV All-in-Ones.

MÜV All-in-One is a strain-specific vape system that is just that: all-in-one. The battery and cartridge are pre-attached, allowing for the ultimate grab-and-go product, no charging required. This advanced hardware is draw-activated – no pressing of buttons, no pre-heating, you simply vape the product until it is empty, then dispose!

But can a disposable vape be reliable?

The All-in-One uses durable, state-of-the-art CCELL® hardware. CCELL® technology was an easy choice for housing the All-in-One, as the hardware is designed to never compromise quality – even with disposable vapes.

With CCELL® hardware comes a 190mAh lithium-ion battery encased in stainless steel to keep your battery safe and ensure a lightweight device. The battery is designed with temperature optimized to fully experience the flavor profile of the cannabis strain extracted. The device lights up on the bottom when draw-activated, and has a convenient 10-blink indicator when battery is low. The true capability of this device lies in the ceramic wick, which quite literally puts the C in CCELL®.

The wick is the portion of the vaporizer cartridge that transports the liquid distillate to the heating element. Ceramic is able to absorb the viscous distillate in MÜV All-in-One, without overfilling the heating element, eliminating risk of the vape pen leaking. And this readily absorption prevents dry, burnt-tasting hits to boot!

Now, because vaporizers use wicks to transport the distillate to the heating element, there is typically a bubble in the cartridge. This in no way means you were shorted your medication! In fact, the distillate is doing what it needs (absorbing into the wick) to ensure you are able to dose your medication as soon as you need to. Additionally, this bubble creates room for the breathing room for the distillate, according to CCELL®. Breathing room ensures quick saturation of the wick and, in conjunction with porous ceramic, provides the proper pressure to allow for continual flow of the distillate into the wick.

Enough about hardware – what about strains?

Variety is key in medical cannabis products. By offering an array of strains to patients, you maximize their chance of finding what suits their medicinal needs best. That’s why MÜV All-in-Ones strains rotate with each harvest at the AltMed Cultivation Facility, making it the most diverse vaporizer line offered from MÜV, along with carrying the highest THC percentages at upwards of 80% THC per 300 mg vape.

Because the strain lineup at MÜV is so robust, it can seem overwhelming or even daunting to first-time purchasers. Your MedTender or the MÜV Patient Care Team are here to help. MÜV MedTenders and Patient Care receive extensive training on MÜV Products and strains, making them ideal guides in determining the strain that may suit your medicinal needs best.

For those seeking variety, convenience, or those that don’t have smokable and would like to enjoy the strains from the MÜV Garden, the MÜV All-in-One is an ideal choice.

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Danyal Swan

Danyal Swan is a Content Editor and Writer for MÜV Florida. Swan is a true believer in the healing power of cannabis, so much so that she moved across the country to join the MÜV Florida team. She quickly grew from her roles as Receptionist and Medtender due to her continuous dedication to self-education on the cannabis plant. Swan holds a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Iowa.

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