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What Cannabis Products to Use with Puffco Devices
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What Cannabis Products to Use with Puffco Devices

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If you stop to think about the number of ways to consume cannabis, the answer is almost limitless. The legalization marijuana in statewide medical and recreational markets has allowed for innovation in every consumption method, in both products and devices.

You no longer have to smoke joints; vaping flower is now a combustion-free option. Edibles aren’t made with just bud, but distillate and infused with terpenes, too. THC oil can be eaten, vaped or dabbed, topicals applied, transdermal patches worn, and concentrates dabbed with user-friendly devices.

Dab devices are one of the largest categories of devices in the marijuana space. The invention of electronic devices has arguably opened accessibility to concentrates for those intimidated by the traditional rig and blowtorch consumption.

What’s Dabbing?

Before they were popularized as a Fortnite dance, the terms dab and dabbing were exclusive to the marijuana industry. “Dab” is used to describe the dose of a marijuana concentrate, while “dabbing” is the act of consuming the concentrate.

High heats are necessary to vaporize the concentrated marijuana, with low temp dabs starting at 300°F and high temp dabs capping at upwards of 900°F. The temperature plays an important role in user preference: low temp dabs are more flavorful with less vapor, while high temp dabs provide large vapor clouds with less flavor. In order to reach these temperatures, you need a specific device, such as a dab rig, e-rig, or dab pen vaporizer.

What Hardware Do You Use for Dabbing?

Dab rigs can be considered the OG way to consume concentrates and contain a few essential pieces:

•A glass water pipe, similar to a bong
•A nail, a small dish made of quartz, titanium or ceramic that inserts into the pipe just like a bowl does
•Dabber, a long tool made of glass, stainless steel, or other heat-resistant materials
•Carb cap, which traps heat around the dab and controls airflow

To dab, the nail is heated using a blowtorch and cooled. After cooling, the dab is placed on the bottom of the nail using the dabber, and the carb cap placed on top, creating a potent vapor. It’s important to note that dabbing with a rig and blowtorch does not provide precise temperatures - it becomes more of a guess-and-check game with holding your hand close to the nail to gauge the heat, making harsh dabs are all too common with traditional rigs.

E-dab devices have made dabbing a much easier experience. These electronic devices function as electronic rigs, in which water filtration is utilized, or vaporizers known as dab pens, which range from tank attachments for vape batteries to nectar collectors to devices that look much like a 510-thread battery and cartridge. With precise temperature controls that don’t require a blowtorch, traditional rigs are going by the wayside for concentrate lovers and newcomers to the macrodosing consumption method alike. A plethora of e-rig and dab pen brands have entered the market hoping to win the hearts and lungs of cannabis consumers: Boundless, G Pen, Dip Devices, and Puffco.

What is Puffco?

Puffco is one that sets itself apart in the realm of marijuana concentrates. The founders of Puffco viewed concentrates as some of the purest ways to consume cannabis, as extraction methods isolate the cannabinoids and odiferous terpenes. As concentrates contain “the best” of the plant, Puffco wanted to provide a complementary “best” device to consume them, forgoing burnt-tasting cotton wicks and assembling with materials that create harmful bi-products - and being the first to add specific temperature controls to a vaporizer pen.

The brand strives to create devices that meet the needs of both ends of the spectrum and everyone else in between. Puffco has elevated the consumption of cannabis concentrates, with the Peak e-rig and Plus dab pen as their flagship products.

Meet the Puffco Peak and Plus:

Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak device is a portable rig designed for concentrate-savvy consumers. It features a water filtration system, which makes the dab device looks similar to a traditional rig - but the Peak is known as a smart rig or e-rig.

Several components make up this device. The main components are the base, glass attachment, atomizer, ceramic bowl, atomizer cover, carb cap, and dabber. It also comes with cleaning swabs, a carrying case, along with other essential extras.

The Peak has a single button on its base that controls both the power and its four temperature settings, providing a more user-friendly dabbing option for those who may be uncomfortable using a torch. There is also an LED light band on the base that lets you know where it is in its heat cycle and what the battery level is. Users can press and hold the button while dosing a dab, or click the button twice to activate sesh mode. “Sesh mode” allows the user to take multiple hits for 15 seconds.

Cleaning the Peak is rather straightforward, with isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs the only tools needed - the ceramic bowl needs a good soak every now and then, but should be wiped clean with a dry cotton swab after every session.

The only real downside to the Peak might be price. At $379.99, it’s far from a budget-friendly option. That’s where the Puffco Plus portable dab pen comes in.

Puffco Plus

The Puffco Plus is a device that allows users to take the dabbing experience on the go. The Plus is a portable nail and has been described as one of the best dab pens on the current market. For those who have used THC oil vapes, the Plus will feel like a familiar device. The device consists of a 510-thread battery (though use with cartridges is not recommended), coil-less ceramic bowl, mouthpiece and optional grip sleeve.

Like the Peak, the Plus has just one button that powers the device and controls the temperature activation. There are three heat settings available for a tailor-made medicating experience. Users can press and hold the button to achieve a dose, or activate sesh mode with two clicks - though sesh mode for Plus lasts just 12 seconds.

The mouthpiece is one of the greatest tools of this device. It combines all the essentials in one:

  • splash guard, which prevents buildup of reclaim, keeping your bowl cleaner longer
  • loading tool, extendable by pressing down on the silicone mouth tip
  • carb cap, which ensures even heating of the concentrate

Another perk? It’s easy to set up and clean. Simply attach the bowl as you would a vape cartridge; to clean, wipe the ceramic bowl after every dab with a dry cotton swab.

At $90, the Puffco Plus is feasible for most budgets - without compromising quality.

What Cannabis Products Should I Use With Puffco Devices?

When it comes to deciding what concentrate to use, personal preference is the primary determining factor. Thanks to innovation in extraction methods, there is a wide selection of textures that changes the experience of the dab. The best way to find what works for you is by exploring the options available.

The great benefit of utilizing a Puffco device to explore concentrates is that it is versatile. The Peak and Pro work with most forms of concentrate, allowing you to experiment freely, without worrying you’ll burn off the first dose or fry your lungs. When it comes to dabbing with the Puffco, you can rest assured that you will be able to have a fulfilling, consistent experience while using the concentrate of your choice.

Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates are made using marijuana extract that can be manipulated into many forms. They are cannabis in its most potent form, providing an average of 25 mg THC per grain of rice-sized piece (for comparison, a 5-second draw on a vape provides 5 mg THC), and can be more flavorful than traditional bud.

MÜV carries a variety of concentrates with different textures and extraction methods that are ideal for use with Puffco devices:

Live Rosin
Live Rosin is creamy in texture and is incredibly flavorful.

Live Rosin

Live rosin is created using flash-frozen flower, or flower that is frozen immediately after harvest, to retain the plant’s living terpene profile. The living terpene profile is desired as terpenes are the naturally occurring essential oils produced by plants, including cannabis, that provide the scent and flavor of them.

After flash-freezing, ice water extraction is used to isolate the trichomes, or the little mushroom-shaped hairs that produce terpenes and cannabinoids, from the flower. The flower is plunged in an ice water bath, which allows terpenes to be gently removed from the cannabis flower without bringing undesired plant material. The resulting hash flurry is dried and pressed using only heat and pressure, resulting in a solventless concentrate that provides a true-to-flower dabbing experience. Rosin is prized for its flavor, potency, and purity.

Learn more about MÜV Live Ice Water Extract Rosin here.

Cannabis Shatter

Shatter is a strain-specific cannabis concentrate created by extracting the desired cannabinoids and terpenes with the use of a solvent. The solvent is removed from the extract using proprietary processes, and is then poured onto slabs and placed into a vacuum oven where residual solvent is purged. The extract stabilizes into what we know as shatter: a concentrate with a clear, golden appearance and glass-like consistency. This consistency contributed to its name, as the thin concentrate easily breaks into smaller pieces; it’s regarded as one of the easier concentrates to manipulate for this reason.

Cannabis Shatter and Cannabis Crumble
Shatter and Crumble present vastly different textures, despite being composed of the same extract.

Learn more about MÜV Cannabis Shatter here.

Crumble Extract

Think of crumble as the sister to shatter. Crumble is a strain-specific concentrate made from the same extract as shatter, just with additional steps.

After the solvent is purged and the extract stabilizes, it is melted back down to a viscous consistency resembling honey. This extract is then whipped and agitated, adding air pockets, and poured back onto slabs for the vacuum oven. The resulting wax is light and airy, resembling a honeycomb or wax in texture. It’s generally a little more difficult to dose as it's the driest of concentrates and quite literally crumbles when manipulated, but this texture allows it to be added to joints or bowls of flower and provides smoother dabs.

Learn more about MÜV Cannabis Crumble here.

Distillate Oil (Syringe)

Premium, fully activated distillate can be taken orally with a syringe or can be inhaled through a portable oil vaporizer, such as a Puffco device. This is concentrated oil that is entirely devoid of any waxes, flavonoids, or other compounds found in the actual plant. It typically contains only a specific cannabinoid at a high concentrate, usually THC, and a few terpenes - though not enough to be strain specific. Distillate is often used as a base for cooking for slower onset times, but when dabbed, provides immediate effects.

Learn more about MÜV Distillate Oil here.

Plus Distillate Oil (Syringe)

Think of Plus Distillate as the next generation of the Hybrid Distillate. Like the Plus cartridge and All-in-One vape, its strains rotate as we harvest from the MÜV Cultivation Facility. This ensures an ever-changing variety of patient-favorite concentrated strains, with the ability to dose in a plethora of ways, including consuming orally or vaporizing.

Learn more about MÜV Plus Distillate Oil here.

Where To Buy The Puffco Plus

The Distillate Syringe can easily dosed directly into the Puffco Plus bowl, no tool required.

When seeking to add a durable, reliable and reasonably-priced dab device to the MÜV Products lineup, Puffco was the first choice. The Plus was added to our device lineup to provide quality doses to our patients. It’s small, sleek design is easy to use, and is a great way to explore marijuana concentrates.

You can learn more about the Puffco Plus Portable Vape Pen here, or select your location to shop online for your new dab device.

What Cannabis Products to Use with Puffco Devices
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Danyal Swan

Danyal Swan

Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Contributor for Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

Danyal Swan

Danyal Swan

Content Manager for MÜV Florida and Contributor for Zen Leaf Dispensaries. A cannabis connoisseur with a passion for explaining the miraculous possibility of the plant, Swan began her journey with cannabis as a recreational user and quickly realized its positive impact on her depression and severe anxiety. She joined the cannabis industry as Receptionist and MedTender and witnessed first-hand the immense potential of the plant for a wide variety of ailments, deepening her passion for alternative medicine. Swan is dedicated to self-education on the plant and sharing its potential with all. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

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