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Shopping for Cannabis in St. Augustine

St. Augustine is imbued in history. From being the oldest city in America to likely the site of the first Thanksgiving some 50 years prior to the more famous feast at Plymouth Rock to being a stunning coastal town, there is so much to see and do. Beginning spring, a visit to MÜV Dispensary #32 will be towards the top of your list.

Though the city of St. Augustine was founded in 1565, it was famously visited some fifty years earlier by Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León. While residing in Puerto Rico, he heard tale of (you probably guessed it) the Fountain of Youth, a spring of water that restores the youth of those who drink it, from local Native Americans. He set off in search of the mysterious island that supposedly housed the mysterious water. His journey took him up the eastern coast of Florida, leading to the discovery of the Gulf Stream, until he landed in the Historic Coast. The site of the spring Ponce de León found and the area surrounding it is now the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park, where visitors can drink from the fountain and explore the history of the city.

As the oldest city, it only stands to reason that there would be more “oldest” attractions in St. Augustine. The Castillo de San Marcos National Monument is the oldest masonry fort and, built in the 1600s, is the oldest military construction still standing in the United States and one of only two forts made of coquina – the second being Fort Matanzas National Monument, located just outside St. Augustine. The Oldest House, too, is constructed of durable coquina. Built in the early 1700s, it is now a museum showcasing different historical periods in St. Augustine, from Spanish to British to American control of the port city.

History is great, but nothing beats local eats. While Smoked Southern BBQ onsite at the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park should not be dismissed, there are a few restaurants that are must-visits.

If you plan to stay immersed in the history of the Historic Coast, Ice Plant should be top of your list. The upscale bar and restaurant reside in an ice factory built in the 1920’s, restored with great attention to detail to ensure patrons feel as though they’ve been transported back in time. Cocktails are garnished with ice chipped off of huge blocks, reminiscent of the ice purchased by fisherman in the 20th century at the factory.

If a more romantic, intimate setting is what you seek, look no further than Preserved. Housed in the Jefferson House, built in the 1860’s and former home to Thomas Jefferson’s great-granddaughter, Preserved is led by James Beard-nominated chef Brian Whittington. The Southern-inspired menu is driven by the locally sourced ingredient in-season, providing a robust and changing menu for visiting foodies.

For a more relaxed, Florida-centric feel, head to the Floridian. It, too, boasts locally sourced ingredients, with vegan and vegetarian options to boot. The bright colors and self-described kitschy Florida décor (think flamingos, ocean scenes and, of course, ‘gators) give the restaurant an extremely welcoming energy and make the perfect backdrop for any meal.

MÜV Dispensary #32 is located at 400 S. Ponce de Leon Blvd., St. Augustine, and boasts views of the San Sebastian River. We are honored to bring award-winning MÜV Medical Cannabis Products to the Historic Coast, its residents and in-state visitors.

Interested in joining the cannabis industry? MÜV St. Augustine is hiring! Navigate to our Careers page and apply today to begin your career with the leading medical cannabis company in Florida.