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MÜV Cannabis Dispensary Spring Hill, Florida - Coming Soon!

MÜV Dispensary in Spring Hill, FL

Fun fact: Spring Hill, Florida isn’t a city.

Though it’s listed on both paper and Google Maps, Spring Hill is technically a census-designated place, or an area with such a high population, the Census Bureau defines the area in order to effectively conduct the census. But don’t let the fact that it isn’t officially a city fool you – Spring Hill is a rather magical place.

Nestled an hour north of Tampa and just east of Hernando Beach, Spring Hill and the surrounding area are teeming with outdoor escapades, earning this small stretch of Florida coastline the name “Adventure Coast.” From mermaid shows and natural springs to wilderness parks and botanical gardens, there is no shortage of things to do.

As the deepest known freshwater cave system, Weeki Wachee Springs State Park is a top destination for native Floridians and out-of-staters alike. The naturally occurring springs opened to visitors in 1947 just off of U.S. 19 with crystal clear waters and an incredibly unique feature – mermaid shows. Picture this: a stage of spring water, with seating set six feet below the water line, framed by limestone walls, and women adorned in intricate mermaid tails and coordinating shell-shaped tops. Take in an adaptation of “The Little Mermaid,” a celestial showing of underwater movement, or explore the springs on your own.

It should go without saying that kayaking or paddle boarding Weeki Wachee is a must. The year-round 72°F and turquoise-colored water offers unparalleled views of one of Florida’s natural habitats, allowing visitors to see right to the bottom of the spring below with breaks of sky between bay and cypress trees above. If you’re lucky, you may find yourself drifting along manatees, Florida’s first mermaids and arguably one of the oceans gentlest giants. The springs wind their way to Weeki Wachee River, with scenic stops along the way, totaling roughly 3 miles of nonstop adventure. Yet another option offered is the spring-fed waterpark Buccaneer Bay, where thrill seekers can fly down the Cannonball and Pirate’s Revenge water slides, or those looking for relaxation, float down the natural river that circles the park or take in some sun on the soft sand beach. But water activities aren’t the only way to explore the Spring Hill area.

The dining options in Spring Hill offer foodies an adventure of their own. Escape Florida for New Orleans at Jabo’s BBQ and Seafood, where BBQ and Cajun fuse. Crawfish, gumbo and jambalaya are just the start, with Cajun-style veggies and Cajun boils a must. If European dining is more your speed, Nouvelle Cuisine is a must. The fine dining experience presents Belgian fare with French flair, with the scallops and veal as standout items. And, because it’s not Florida without a Spanish option, check La Lechonera Restaurant II, which features Spanish cuisines and a can’t-miss Cuban sandwich.

Very soon, an outdoor excursion on the Adventure Coast should surely be followed by a visit to MÜV Dispensary (dining should come before, of course).

MÜV Dispensary #33 will be opening its doors in Spring Hill in early summer. Our newest location is at 18941 Old Shady Hills Rd., on the southwest corner of County Line and Old Shady Hills Roads. MÜV is proud to bring award-winning MÜV Products to the Adventure Coast. Be sure to subscribe for emails regarding grand opening details via the form below.

Oh, and don’t forget to visit the roadside Pepto Bismol pink dinosaur, a historic landmark of Spring Hill. It’s located outside of the Tree of Life Wellness Center, which specializes in physical therapy, massage, yoga, and personal training. Please be sure to respect the historic landmark, and the business, too, if you happen to stop by for a selfie (bonus points if it’s with your MÜV bag).

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