Safety & Prevention Plan

As COVID-19 news and concerns continue, MÜV™ Medical Cannabis Dispensaries want you, our patients, to know the steps we are taking to keep you safe. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness and sanitary conditions of our facilities and dispensaries and have instituted an ongoing Safety & Prevention Plan to further ensure the health and safety of our Medtenders and patients.

Your MÜV Medtenders will be wearing masks at all times when working with patients and in the markets where patients may be required to wear masks, we will fully comply with the regulations. We have installed plexiglass shields at Reception and at every other register in use to further protect you and our Medtenders. MÜV continues to actively follow and support all state and local requirements as it relates to Personal Protective Equipment.

MÜV is continuing to follow the best sanitary practices outlined by the CDC and increasing our sanitizing efforts before and after each patient.

  • Surface Disinfection: We are sanitizing our locations regularly. Surfaces, including countertops, door handles, water fountains and display cases are repeatedly wiped down with disinfectant wipes and sprays.
  • Hand Washing: The CDC advises hand soap of any kind is effective; it does not need to be antibacterial soap. Hand washing must be performed for twenty (20) seconds with either hot water or cold water, both equally effective. If hand washing is not an option, hand sanitizer should be utilized. These practices are followed by all of our Medtenders.
  • Social Distancing: While we love handshakes and hugs from our patients, we will temporarily be discontinuing such practices and replacing them with elbow or toe bumps to ensure safe hellos and goodbyes. We ask that you remain six feet apart from other patients and your MÜV Medtender while in our dispensaries, per CDC guidelines. In addition, our Fort Myers, Longwood, Shalimar and Tallahassee locations offer the convenience of drive through pickup service for online orders placed at
  • Team Health: Our team has been instructed to stay home and seek medical attention if they have any symptoms, including fever, a cough or shortness of breath.
  • Patient Health: We would like to keep our community of patients and employees safe. We ask that you visit in good health and not if you or anyone you have been exposed to is showing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Product Safety: Our current manufacturing practices meet or exceed Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. We have always used medical industry standards, such as laminar flow hoods in manufacturing vape pens and other oil-based products, to assure a sterile production environment at our cultivation facility. All employees handling products are instructed to wear hair/beard nets, sterile gloves, smocks, protective booties, etc.

We will continue to proactively monitor and follow the latest guidance from the CDC, the Department of Labor and local health officials to assure patients have the safest possible access to MÜV™ Medical Cannabis Products.

Additional Information

  • Sarasota remains closed on Sundays only due to county restrictions - order online at or call Patient Care at 833-880-5420.
  • We highly encourage patients to order online for Express pickup or delivery, available at all locations.
  • Drive through Express order pickup is available and encouraged in Fort Myers, Longwood, Shalimar and Tallahassee locations.
  • To reduce handling cash, we encourage patients to sign up at which allows for payment with a unique QR code scanned by your Medtender at checkout.
  • We are here to help. Please call the Patient Care Team with questions, concerns or to place an order at 833-880-5420.
  • Plexiglass protective barriers have been placed at all locations to further protect patients and Medtenders.
  • In order to follow the social distancing guidelines, in the event that the store is busy, we may ask that patients return to their cars after checking in at Reception. The Receptionist will give you an order form to fill out as you wait, and you will receive a phone call when your Medtender is ready for you.
  • During this time, we also ask that no guests accompany patients with the exception of patients requiring physical assistance.
  • Medtenders are wearing masks.
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